Ocean's Solace (5e Equipment)

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Armor (plate), legendary (requires attunement)

The ocean is calm. Be still, unmoving, and serene.

This massive hulking armor has an inflatable lining, allowing both Medium and Large humanoids to fit inside of it and has a +2 bonus to AC. While wearing the complete set of armor, you can survive indefinitely without air. However, the cumbersome nature of this armor lowers your base walking speed to 20 feet.

If an effect would cause the wielder to be moved for any reason, they can choose to not be moved instead. The armor grants the wielder a firm grip and increased strength, allowing them to wield oversized weapons regardless of their size class. Finally, the armor can be used as a bonus action to gain 30 temporary hit points. This armor regains use of this ability at dawn.

This armor has a bonus effect if worn while wielding Ocean's Claim, granting the wielder immunity to charmed and frightened conditions.

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