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Weapon (anchor), legendary (requires attunement)

From Sea all life has come, to Sea all owe a debt, and into Sea all shall return

This massive hunk of metal, covered in algae, is perpetually cold and damp. Light and sound seem to fade when close to it, compounded further when wielding it.

This magical weapon has a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls. The Ocean's Claim functions as a anchor, with a chain giving it a reach of 20 feet. Any living creature brought to 0 HP by the Ocean's Claim has a puddle of water form beneath their body, before dragging them through the puddle into the ocean without leaving a trace. Their soul remains trapped in the sea as a ghost, instead of moving on to their normal afterlife.

As an action with the Ocean's Claim, you can perform a pull attack. When you make a melee attack against a Large or smaller creature, and on a successful hit, you may pull them next to your location. When you use this effect, your attack deals cold damage instead of bludgeoning or piercing damage. You may use this effect once, and regain its usage after you finish a short or long rest, or when you reduce a living(not undead or construct) creature to 0 HP with this weapon.

This weapon has a bonus effect if wielded while wearing Ocean's Solace, granting the wielder immunity to charmed and frightened conditions.

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