Obsidian and Moonstone (3.5e Equipment)

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Obsidian and Moonstone
Exotic One-Handed
Critical: 17-20/x3
Range Increment: 60ft
Size Cost1 Damage Weight1 hp
Fine * * 1
Diminutive * * 3
Tiny * * 6
Small 1500g 1d6/1d6 5/5 12
Medium 1500g 1d8/1d8 7.5/7.5 25
Large 4000g 1d10/1d10 15/15 50
Huge * * 100
Gargantuan * * 200
Colossal * * 400
  1. The SRD only gives a means to determine costs and weights of weapons for Large and Small versions based on the Medium weapons. Any other supplied values are the author's best determination.

These dual masterwork gunblades always come in a pair, one made from obsidian and moonsteel, the other from moonstone and doomsteel. They are so perfectly built that they almost never jam. They were crafted on The Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus alongside 200 other sets, it is unknown how they sets of guns were spread throughout the planes but it appears they are of little consequence to the Inevitables who reside there.

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