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Nosan’s Ring of Chaos[edit]

When ever this ring is worn, chaos follows the wearer. Every in game hour roll 1D% on the table below to determine the effect. This ring was made and worn by the evil king Nosan.

1d% Effect
1-25 Nothing happens.
26-30 A small comet hits the nearest person and they take 2D6+5 damage.
31-40 The nearest 1D3 people have hearts attacks and die instantly.
41-45 The nearest 1D3 flammable buildings catch on fire.
46-50 Anyone of wearers choice gets struck by lightning and takes 4D20 lightning damage.
51-70 Everyone but wearer is blind for 2D20 seconds.
71-90 Everyone but wearer is deaf for 3D20 seconds.
91-95 An earthquake rages for 1D6 minutes.
96 All water on the planet disappears for 1D3 minutes.
97 A tornado hits somewhere near.
98 Everyone in a 50 ft radius farts simultaneously.
99 A large part of the planet explodes.
100 5 kobolds spawn nearby and kill people.

The selling price is around 21,000 GP. Once sold, roll 1D6 and see the results.

1d6 Effect
1-4 The buyer loses the ring, the next morning the seller finds he is wearing it again.
5 The buyer loses half their wealth.
6 The seller loses half their wealth.

If the wearer tries to rid them self of the ring (Besides giving it to someone else as a gift, sells item ect.), then they shall find themselves still wearing it the next day.

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