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Campaign Setting: Worlds Collide
Players Guide
Races available for the Worlds Collide setting.
Classes and archetypes available for the Worlds Collide setting.
Backgrounds available for the Worlds Collide setting.
Various gear, goods, equipment and magical items available for the Worlds Collide setting.
Rules of magic in the Worlds Collide setting, including basic uses and practices in nine worlds.
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About Worlds Collide

Nine Worlds
Nine worlds in Material Plane, overlapped and shattered by the Worlds Collide incident.
Astral Planes, Ethereal Planes, Elemental Planes, and many other demiplanes that exist "above" the nine worlds.
Underdark and many other demiplanes that exist "below" the nine worlds.
Monsters and miscellaneous creatures from nine worlds, overworlds, and underworlds.
Notable individuals and organizations in nine worlds, overworlds, and underworlds.

Dungeon Master's Guide

To be added.

There are nine worlds in the Material Plane, all of which were uninterrupted by one another until the eventful day fifty years ago. After the Worlds Collide incident, all nine worlds were connected to each other by interplanar portals and distortion,


There are many small city-states in Nomimkal, each claiming their rights to a small portion of land. History of Nomimkal states that there had been wars and conflicts between city-states long back in the past, but after the joint peace treaty between city-states immediately after the Worlds Collide incident, all city-states are now alledged their alliance with each other, protecting themselves from outer threats.

The city-states of Nomimkal has effectively protected itself from the invasion of outer forces including Questus Empire and warlords of Ack-Tzu. However, there is having a fierce debate between two city-states of Anileys and Erinykos: Anileys insists that Nomimkal should make counterattacks against the invaders, while Erinykos suggests that no one in Nomimkal has rights to attack other worlds, regardless of the reasons.


The world of Recht-Noot is a gigantic collaboration of three major guilds: Aizennutte, Veiche-Andde, and Essentrinken, each of which has several smaller guilds under its jurisdiction. Even farmers and sheperds of Recht-Noot is a regular member of farmers' guild and sheperds' guild.

The guilds of Recht-Noot prouds of their devotion to rules and contracts. It is now not uncommon to see a lawyer introducing oneself as an educated individual from Recht-Noot. A very convincing rumor states that the best lawyer in Recht-Noot has once fooled a fiend from the Underworld Pit into selling its own soul.

Licet Malum[edit]

Most of the lands and oceans of Licet Malum is under the domination of totalitarian Questus Empire. Questus Empire took advantage of Worlds Collide incident, which devastated the competitions in their dominance over the world of Licet Malum. With magical technology and outstanding military capacity, Questus Empire now aims other worlds to conquer, and has invaded Muhajayd, Neutrala, Ack-Tzu, and Honaak.

Questus Empire is ruled by the Triumvirate, consisting of three major individuals who controls a certain aspect of the empire.

There used to be a number of other nations that claimed their rights in Licet Malum, but most of them were directly damaged from the Worlds Collide incident. The survivors of such nations have united to form the Libequater Movement, a resistance against the Questus Empire to reclaim their rights.


The world of Muhajayd is best described as an endless extension of deserts and wastelands, spared only by a sparsely located oasis and Hayaa River, the River of Life. Most of the local population of Muhajayd is concentrated nearby Hayaa River, known as Hadit-al-Lhayaa in the local language. Several small tribes continue their nomadic life, crossing the vast desert between numerous oasis that provides a limited supply of life.

The kingdom of Al-Eadaala is currently on war against the invasive forces of Questus Empire, from Licet Malum. King Jamal Mur-Satalasarh of Al-Eadaala may be young, but he possesses both tactical knowledge to ward off conquerers from his reign and compassionate heart to welcome refugees from other worlds in search of sanctuary.

Assad Walid Al-Fath leads the greatest caravan that roams the desert of Muhajayd. An experienced warlord and a merchant of exquisite taste, Assad does not hesitate to take more violent and ruthless approach against those who dare threathen his brethrens and trades.


Neutrala took the greatest damage from the Worlds Collide incident. All that is left in this world is now a small continent and numerous tiny islands surrounding it. There used to be a few nations and sovereignties, but they are now all degraded into small communities, often no larger than a manor.


The small continent of Ack-Tzu used to be ruled by a single empire, until the Worlds Collide incident wiped out the capital and the palace without any traces. Without the Revered Emperor to rule, the lords and knight across the continent claimed their right to the throne, establishing numerous city states and declaring war on each other. Now Ack-Tzu is a massive battlefield for the Great Generals, Mighty Knights, and even factions from other worlds.

Life in Ack-Tzu is harsh and intense, but not all hope is lost. A defeated and desperate fugitive can find shelter at the Sacred Ground of Taquauna, a sanctuary dedicated to the Mamor the Protector, where no one is allowed to kill or be killed. It is rumored that the last survivor of the formal royal family serves as an apprentice in the Sacred Ground of Taquauna, but Qannush Under-the-Tree, Head Priest of Taquauna, denies any speculations on the subject matter.


Thanks to its harsh, frigid environment, Kaotischinye is the only worlds among nine worlds that has not suffered from the active invasion of other worlds.


The world of Zhouhun was a vast kingdom for fauna and flora, both before and after the Worlds Collide incidents. Most of the local denizens of Zhouhun prefer to live with minimum efforts to alter the surrounding environments as much as possible.

Things are changing after the Worlds Collide incident, however. More than one factions from Licet Malum and Ack-Zhou is more than willing to sieze the rich natural resources that sleeps in the untamed world of Zhouhun.

Shuguo, the largest wood elf community in nine worlds, is located deep in the rainforest of Zhouhun. Shuguo is currently working against the mining and lumbering facilities built by Questus Empire and many city-states from Ack-Zhou.


Honaak is extremely underpopulated: The population of Axinam, capital city of Questus Empire, can easily outnumber the entire Honaak all by itself. Most of the population is divided into small villages and tribes, struggling to live underneath the massive clash of dragons and other monsters that roams the harsh, volcanic environment of Honaak.

When the Worlds Collide incident upheaved the underground caverns, however, it is reavealed that Honaak was more than meets the eyes. Gnomes, drows, and even kobolds have been living underneath the blackened soil of Honaak, founding their own nations and civilization. There was a long dispute between gnomes and drows, with kobolds interfering both now and then.

It is said that dragons have roamed the barren world of Honaak since the dawn of the times. After the Worlds Collide incident, the local dragons were challenged by other dragons from other worlds, who were more than willing to expand their wingspan to the new world. Territorial conflicts between dragons are now more prevalent than ever, often causing causalties of lesser races in the process.

The fort of Ghyreth-Vaanyl is said to be devoted to Ghyreth, a tyrannic red dragon with ambitions only matched by his arrogance. While the draconic despot is seldom seen recently, the cult that follows him is actively expanding its influence in Honaak, and even to other worlds.

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