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Night at Rougoku-ji[edit]

A quest for an Eastern Style campaign, though with a little bit of re-skinning can easily fit any campaign. What was supposed to be a simple stay at an abandoned temple spirals into a quest to purge evil and retake a noble samurai's soul. But be careful, all is not what it seems. Meant for an adventuring group 11-13. Monster Manual is required for this Quest as some of the monsters mentioned are pulled from the book.

Background (For DM's Eyes Only)[edit]

There was a temple dedicated to Kujihiko the minor god of gambling and trickery on the outskirts of the small rural farming village of Kakegawa called Rougoku-ji. However, a few years back Rougoku-ji was visited by a young attractive woman, who was praying for her recently deceased husband. On the first day, she bet a fine silk sash with the guards, and lost. On the second day, she bet a pouch full of gold, and lost again. On the third and final day, she proposed that the loser must give whatever the winner asked. The guards quickly agreed believing they would win. However as they played the woman, they each lost, one by one. When the last guard was defeated the woman changed into her true form, a terrifying Night Hag, and took what she desired from the guards: their souls.

Kujihiko could not intervene as his guards had lost to the hag through gambling and trickery, and so had to allow the hag to take occupancy in his temple, as she slowly used it to spread evil through the area. Kujihiko, started to lure people to the temple to send them to confront the hag, using many guises to convince them to challenge her to a gambling match. He has however been unsuccessful in his endeavors, as the hag continues to add souls to her collection.

And then the PC's walk in...

Hook: The Village and the Temple[edit]

The PC's walk into a village looking for somewhere to stay for the night.

Read: You walk into a small village, the houses are in shabby condition and the people have a lean and hungry look to them. A battered sign post on the road reads "Kakegawa" though the words are worn and covered in dried mud and scratches. There seems to be no inns here. Perhaps you can ask around for shelter?

If the PC's attempt to search the village for a inn, have them make a DC 15 Intelligence Check (Investigation) Check.

If they fail the check read: The villagers have no room for strangers, their houses are too small for themselves, let alone a group of adventurers. However, one man points to the nearby mountain and croaks in a quivering voice, "There is an old temple near the forest, broken down and abandoned, however it should be enough to keep the weather off of you..."

If they succeed read: The villagers have no room for strangers, their houses are too small for themselves, let alone a group of adventurers. However, the elder of the village points toward the mountains with a boney finger and in a gruff voice, mentions an abandoned temple near the forest. "But I'd be careful." he said, lowering his voice to a low growl, "strange things have been happening there and none of it pleasant."

This starts the trip up the mountain road to the temple and a random encounter.

Have the players roll a D20

1-8 Nothing happens and the PC's make it up to the temple.

8-12 The PC's are attacked by a band of 3 Rat Goblins (Use the Wererat (MM 209) except without the lycanthropy curse on the bite. They are in in their human form when they encounter the PC's. Read the following

On the winding road up to the temple you pass by a group of ragged looking men with greasy hair and mangled beards. One of them mutters something to their companion... What will you do?"

If the PC's take a Wisdom (Perception) check, if they get a score higher than DC 15 they over hear the Rat Goblin talk of attacking the PC's.

If the PC's do not take a Wisdom check instead roll a passive Wisdom (Perception) check instead with the same DC. If they get a score higher than DC 15 they over hear the Rat Goblin talk of attacking the PC's.

The Rat Goblins attack, those that did not overhear the Rat Goblins and were not warned by party members that did are surprised.

If one of the Rat Goblins is knocked out instead of killed, the PC's may attempt to Intimidate it to find out where they came from. This takes Charisma (Intimidation) check of DC 20. If the players succeed the Rat Goblin will panic and tell the PC's it came from the temple. If the PC's fail, the Rat Goblin will not answer.

12-16 The PC's find tracks on the path. Have them roll a Intelligence (Nature) check with a DC 15. If they succeeded they notice that the tracks appear to be that of a massive rat, though the pressure on the paw print indicate that whatever this creature is, it is bipedal.

16-19 The PC's are attacked by a pack of 3 Dire Wolves (MM 321) and 4 Wolves.

20 The PCs encounter a small toppled roadside shrine, if they use a Strength check with a DC of 5 to push it back upright, they gain a small blessing which grants them them ability to detect magic for a day.

Rougoku-ji: The Shattered Temple[edit]


When the PC's reach the temple is already dusk and the area is lit in dim light from the last rays of the sun. The adventure locations are present in the key on the map. The characters approach the temple from the bottom of the map toward 1. As they approach read,

The sun is low as you finally reach a clearing in the trees covering the mountain. You pass through the tall gate that leads into the boundary of the temple. A wooden structure is in front of you surrounded by gravel. Some of the columns of the building are rotting and many of the tiles on the top of the roof are missing, but the structure seems to still be fairly waterproof if not slightly drafty. The sliding door to the temple is ajar almost as if beckoning you in.

If the players decide to search the grounds of the temple read the following.

'The temple has three buildings on the grounds. The largest, was the building facing where you walked in. It is connected to a smaller building by an open walkway of about 5 ft. At the back of the grounds there is a small structure surrounded by a low fence. There are two stone statues in front of the shrine of snarling dogs, covered in moss.

Ask the PCs which building they would like to visit first and use the descriptions for the buildings below.

1: The Great Hall Location 1 or the Great Hall is a large room with ten aging cots on the ground and 4 stone statues of demonic looking men standing guard. The cots are covered in dust and seem to have been unused for sometime. The room is dark, however there are candles around the statues that can be lit to fill the room with dim light. The room has four doors, three that lead back out into the temple grounds and one that leads to the covered walkway that leads to location 2.

When the players enter location 1 with a light source, read the following.

The inside of the temple is dark, the only rays of light are from the small holes in the ceiling. As you walk in the floor boards creek and a small beetle scuttles across the floor. Your light falls on four upright statues in the center of the room, dancing over the smooth edges of them. Some cots are on the ground but they all seem empty. There are candles around the room that are unlit, but still seem to be in good condition.

With a Intelligence (Religion) check of DC 15 the PC's can recognize the statues as Asura, warrior angels said to protect the shrines of gods.

2: The Room With the Statue of the God

Location 2 is a large room with a large bronze statue of a laughing man in it, an idol of the god Kujihiko. This room is lit with many small candles that surround the offering box in front of the statue, filling the room with dim light. The room has four doors, three that lead back out into the temple grounds and one that leads to the covered walkway that leads to location 1.

When the players enter the location 2 with a light source, read the following.

The room is filled with a dim light from the candles that cover the offering box in the center of the room. In front of the offering box is a large bronze statue of a bald laughing man holding out a cupped palm. He almost seems to be moving as the candle light brushing across his features.

With a Intelligence (Religion) check of DC 20, the PC can recognize the god as Kujihiko god of gambling and trickery. However, if they fail the check, they instead mistake the statue as that of an old saint of knowledge.

With a Wisdom (Perception) check of DC 25, the PC can hear soft breathing and muffled snarls from the offering box.

If the players attempt to loot the offering box, they may either try to reach in to the offering box or try to force it open with a Strength check of 15.

The box contains a large monstrous scorpion that will attack the players if they reach into the box or force it open. The centipede is guarding 80gp.

3: The Witch's lair.

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