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Wondrous Item (Necklace), artifact (requires attunement by an good aligned, and lawfully good.)

This necklace is pure gold, as a medallion in the middle filled with Zeus's blood. This blood was captured during a small time that Zeus was attacked by his children, in order to take over Olympus. After the blood was collected into this necklace and it's power known, the demigod Hercules fought to get this necklace so he could hide it away to where no mortal or God can get it. This necklace was so powerful that Aries, the God of War almost used it's power to dethrone Zeus.

Magic Item. The necklace of Zeus Blood is a magic item that grants +3 AC while worn. It also functions as a Hat of Disguise and a Ring of Mind Shielding

Legendary Resistance Once per short or long rest if you fail a saving throw, you can choose to succeed instead.

Zeus Blood Power. While wearing and being attuned to the necklace of Zeus Blood you gain the following benefits:

  • Spells you cast are casted at 1 spell slot higher up to 8th level. For example, if you cast a Fireball using a 3rd level spell slot, you expend the 3rd level spell slot but it is cast as if you expended a 4th level spell slot scaling as appropriate.
  • You have advantage on all Constitution saving throws..
  • Your spells cannot be countered or dispelled as long as you maintain concentration. In addition, your spells cannot be stopped by an anti-magic field, or any barrier.
  • You have mastered 4 spells . A mastered spell does not expend a spell slot when cast at the level it is intended to be cast well used as a free action. Mastered spells are not cast as if using 1 spell slot higher.
  • You have advantage on death saving throws.
  • You have the ability to concentrate on 2 things instead of one.

Melee and ranged attacks While wearing and being attuned to the necklace of Zeus Blood you can add a extra 2d10 lighting damage

Permanent Spells. While wearing and being attuned to the necklace of Zeus Blood, the following spells are always in effect unless you choose them not to be: Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, Lightning curtain, lighting rod, lighting storm, lightning shield, and Bestow Curse.

Curse while wearing and attuned to the necklace unless you’re a God, an Immortal, or a Angel. The blood from the necklace begins to transform the wearer into a good alignment, after 12 months you are completely turned good. After the 12 months, your soul will be completely sucked into the necklace, but your body continues to walk looking for it soul as a zombie. If somehow the soul is returned to body the once wearer lose all benefits of the necklace and forgets the events from when they wore the necklace.

Destroying the Necklace The Necklace of Zeus blood can only be destroyed if the wearer sacrifices the necklace and the wearer own blood to destroy it while using the Book of Exalted Deeds.

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