Necklace of Love and Soul Capturing (3.5e Equipment)

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Necklace of Love and Soul Capturing
Body Slot:
Caster Level:

The Necklace of Love and Soul Capturing is a very powerful and dangerous magical item. This necklace has a pendant on it in the shape of a heart. The outer part of the pendant is pure gold. The chain is also of pure gold. The inside of the heart is a big ruby with an emerald inside of it. It has certain magical powers though. If anyone of the opposite sex(if the possessor is female, than anyone that us male is affected) looks at the ruby, they must make a saving throw vs charm or fall in love with the wearer until dispelled. The Catch is that anyone, who looks upon the emerald, and if the wearer says a command word Soul, then the people who are looking at the emerald must make a saving throw vs magic, or their entire body and soul, not their possessions, get sucks into the emerald, with their possessions falling to the floor. The person trapped In the emerald can only get out if the emerald is taken out of the pendant and crushed. An infinite number of people can be in the emerald at a time. This power can only be used 2 times per month. This powerful magic item is worth 3,000xp an 10,000gold from the right buyer.

Prerequisites:Craft Wondrous Item

Cost to Create: GP, XP, Day

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