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Campaign Setting: Worlds Collide
Players Guide
Races available for the Worlds Collide setting.
Classes and archetypes available for the Worlds Collide setting.
Backgrounds available for the Worlds Collide setting.
Various gear, goods, equipment and magical items available for the Worlds Collide setting.
Rules of magic in the Worlds Collide setting, including basic uses and practices in nine worlds.
Prominent and not-so-much-prominent deities in the Worlds Collide setting.

About Worlds Collide

Nine Worlds
Nine worlds in Material Plane, overlapped and shattered by the Worlds Collide incident.
Astral Planes, Ethereal Planes, Elemental Planes, and many other demiplanes that exist "above" the nine worlds.
Underdark and many other demiplanes that exist "below" the nine worlds.
Monsters and miscellaneous creatures from nine worlds, overworlds, and underworlds.
Notable individuals and organizations in nine worlds, overworlds, and underworlds.

Dungeon Master's Guide

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Notable individuals and organizations in nine worlds, overworlds, and underworlds. The itallics next to the name indicates the world(s) on which each individual and organization has most influence.

Nine Worlds[edit]

Notable individuals and organizations in nine worlds of Material Plane.



One of the city-states of Nomimkal. Anileys is having a row with Erinykos, claiming that city-states of Nomimkal should make counterattacks against the invasion of Questus Empire and warlords of Ack-Tzu.


One of the city-states of Nomimkal. Erinykos is having a row with Anileys, claiming that city-states of Nomimkal has no rights to attack other worlds, regardless of the cause.


Female ancient brass dragon. Unusual for a brass dragon, her lair is a subterrestrial cavern located underneath the mansion of Dame Thea Sethene, an alias she uses in Nomimkal. She enjoys a good argument and debate, and is well known for her taste for precious artworks and antiques.

Thesixantis has been the best friend of Raskraadun, the silver dragon who was mysteriously vanished after the Worlds Collide incident. Rumors have it that she is one of the few who knows exactly where he is, but she has made no comments whatsover on the subject matter.

Thesixantis is one of the main patron for warlock's Dragon patron available in Worlds Collide setting.


Zeitraum Academy

The largest educational facility in nine worlds. Many talented artisans, technicians, and thaumaturgists hail from Zeitraum Academy every year.

Licet Malum[edit]

Questus Empire

A totalitarian empire that dominates a majority of lands and oceans of Licet Malum. Questus Empire took advantage of Worlds Collide incident, which devastated the competitions in their dominance over the world of Licet Malum. With magical technology and outstanding military capacity, Questus Empire now aims other worlds to conquer, and has invaded Muhajayd, Neutrala, Ack-Tzu, and Honaak.

Veneficus Sepulcrus
High elf lich, gender unknown. One of the Triumvirate of Questus Empire, Veneficus is in charge of the wizardry and witchcraft of the empire. Veneficus has been the part of the Trimvirate since the founding the empire, and it is rumored that they (for some reason, Veneficus is elusive on subject matter of their gender.) have existed for more than several millenia.
As a courtesy of wizards in Licet Malum, several attempts have been made by ambitious wizards to become the new Triumvirate by assassinating them, but so far none of them were successful.
Libequater Movement

A group of resistance, established by the survivors of the former nations and soverignties that were gravely damaged by the Worlds Collide incident and conquered by Questus Empire. Libequater Movement performs guerrila activities in order to reclaim their right stolen by Questus Empire.

Principality of Libera
Dominion of Aequalis
City-State of Fraater


The Kingdom of Al-Eadaala

A kingdom located at the coastal region of Hayaa River, known as Hadit-al-Lhayaa. Al-Eadaala is currently on war against the invasive forces of Questus Empire.

King Jamal Mur-Satalasarh
Male high elf, king of Al-Eadaala. Despite his young age, Jamal possesses both tactical knowledge to ward off conquerers from his reign and compassionate heart to welcome refugees from other worlds in search of sanctuary.
Assad Walid Al-Fath

Male human, experienced warlord and head of the greatest caravan that roams the desert of Muhajayd. Assad does not hesitate to take more violent and ruthless approach against those who dare threathen his brethrens and trades.



A store that specializes in magical components in ingredients, owned by Kirr Escharge. Forria works as a part-time clerk in Argentum.

Kirr Escharge
Male human, founder and owner of Argentum and a wizard by trades. Magical components and ingredients are his specialties, but he is also well known for his exquisite taste for pipeweeds, coffee, and other delicacy. Eccentric yet gentle, Kirr enjoys seeing new visitors in his store, especially those who hail from other worlds.
Kirr often has visitors from Nomimkal and Recht-Noot, who requests some personal discussions with him. Kirr admits that they are "some of the best acquaintances he's got," but he eludes the subject he discusses with them.
Female dragonborn (brass), part-time clerk of Argentum. She is disgruntled with her boss Kirr for unknown reasons, but still does her job.
Forria is sometimes witnessed in Nomimkal, carrying a letter or a parcel. No one dared to ask from or to whom the message is sent.
Voik & Rucigo

A guesthouse in Neutrala, complete with diner and pub, owned by Ki-Ti Voik the half-elf and Rad Rucigo the tiefling. Voik & Rucigo is notable for its accommodation policy, which is exclusively available for those who are considered as a member of "racial minorities." The diner and pub, however, are open to all races, and many adventurers find this place excellent for a meeting place.

Ki-Ti Voik
Female half-elf, co-founder and co-owner of Voik & Rucigo. She is kind and generous, but she does not tolerate law-breaking acts in her guesthouse. You do not want to see her angry.
Rad Rucigo
Male tiefling, co-founder and co-owner of Voik & Rucigo. His appearance might be intimidating at first, but he is actually a delicate guy, and does most of the cookings at the diner.

Lich-like individual with unknown former race and gender. Also known as the self-proclaimed "Thanasia's best friend", Taskaldron is the only known active worshipper of Thanasia, the Goddess of Death.





The largest wood elf community not only in Zhouhun, but also in all nine worlds.



Male ancient red dragon whose lair is informed to be located deep inside the mountains of Honaak. For a dragon, Ghyreth is exceptionally active - he often roams the nine worlds, devastating an entire village out of whims, and leaving a few survivors from it just for the hell of it. It is speculated that he is ambitious enough to conspire domination over nine worlds, but so far, no one was either brave or strong enough to dare to ask him.

There are small groups of cultists across the nine worlds, worshipping Ghyreth as the future overlord of the nine worlds, and Ghyreth is well aware of them. Ghyreth accepts these fools as his minions, and bestows a fragment of his power upon the "chosen" cultists in exchange of their service for him.

Ghyreth is one of the main patron for warlock's Dragon patron available in Worlds Collide setting.

Ghyreth Cult Fanatic
Ghyreth Cult Hemomancer
Ghyreth Cult Ascendant



Male ancient silver dragon who was last seen before the Worlds Collide incident. His whereabout is currently unknown, although it is rumored that his best friend, Thesixantis, is one of the few who knows exactly where he is.

The Bloodless Court

A group of non-chivarlious "knights" who are little more than killing machines clad in blood-splattered plate armor. Guided by an enigmatic individual only known as the Crimson King, the Bloodless Court continues its quest, capturing a castle and exploiting everything they can find within it. Rumors have it that the heart of the Bloodless Court, known as the Crimson Court, is located somewhere in Licet Malum, but no hard evidence is provide to support them.

The Bloodless Court is one of the main faction for barbarian's Crimson Knight path available in Worlds Collide setting.

There are no stats for the Crimson King. Just no. Because, as we all know, "if you stat it, they will kill it."

Page of the Bloodless Court
Squire of the Bloodless Court
Knight of the Bloodless Court
Bloodless Court Merc
Bloodless Court Chaplain


Notable individuals and organizations in Astral Plane, Ethereal Plane, Elemental Planes, and many other demiplanes "above" the nine worlds.


Notable individuals and organizations in Underdark and many other demiplanes "below" the nine worlds.

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