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Greater Deity
Symbol: A piece of sparking blue flame.
Home Plane: The Plane of Lightning
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Lightning, thunder, dragons (blue and bronze), flame, and dragon shamans, storms.
Clergy Alignments: This God cannot be worshiped unless the player is neutral evil, or within one step (true neutral, chaotic evil, or lawful evil).
Domains: Air, Water, Travel.
Favored Weapon: Shortspear]

Frost dragon.jpg Mystogan in his dragon form.

Mystogan is the God of Thunder. He resides in the Plane of Lightning and sits on the Throne of Thunder. He can only be contacted by dragon shamans, but, during storms he often communicates with adventurers through his Dragon Guard or visits them directly in the form of a blue dragon. His followers are given the ability to control the weather once a week. He has absolute control over all weather and lightning. He can communicate to any of his followers and often asks them to help him recover lost artifacts from the age of thunder.


It is encouraged that you are able to use lightning, and that you revere dragons. Those that become struck by lightning and survive often become high ranking disciples. Anyone who has spoken to a blue or bronze dragon receives a moderately high rank in the society of the Edolians (this is the name given to his followers). It is forbidden for his followers to worship other dragons and to harm blue and bronze dragons.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

There are temples to this god throughout the world. In order to become one of his followers you must revere dragons. In order to be a high ranking disciple you must be a Dragon Shaman with a blue or bronze totem dragon. The walls of his temples are often covered in carvings of dragons and storms. Most temples are constructed with blue stone, or decorated with blue wall hangings.


Mystogan has two main forms:

Human Form: He appears as a large human carrying a colossal, electric shortspear, and will offer help to his loyal followers.

True Form: He appears as a great wyrm blue dragon, however, he can still use his normal voice, and create any a storm with a roar. This is by far his most powerful form.

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