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Mystic Archer[edit]

A Mystic Archer has descended from a long line of Wizards who learned the ability to weave their magic into ranged weapons.

Creating a Mystic Archer[edit]

Class Features

As a Mystic Archer you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Mystic Archer level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Mystic Archer level after 1st


Armor: Light Armor, Medium Armor
Weapons: Simple Ranged Weapons, Martial Ranged Weapons, Finesse Weapons
Tools: None
Saving Throws: Dexterity, Intelligence
Skills: Choose three from Acrobatics, Arcana, Athletics, History, Insight, Investigation, Nature, Perception, and Survival


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • Leather Armor, 1 Dagger, Arcane Focus, and a Quiver
  • (a) Longbow and 20 arrows or (b) Heavy Crossbow and 20 bolts
  • (a) 15 Throwing Stars or (b) 5 Handaxes
  • (a) Explorer's Pack or (b) Scholar's Pack

Table: The Mystic Archer

Level Proficiency
Features Cantrips —Spell Slots per Spell Level—
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
1st +2 Ranged Fighting Style, Take Aim
2nd +2 Battle Robes, Spell Casting 2 2
3rd +2 Arcane Weaponry, Sure Shot 2 3
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement 2 3
5th +3 Extra Attack, Charge Shot 3 4 2
6th +3 Nimble Brawn, Elemental Shot 3 4 2
7th +3 Quickened Movement 3 4 3
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement 3 4 3
9th +4 Overdraw, Take Aim (2) 3 4 3 2
10th +4 Rapid Force Fire, Sure Shot (2) 3 4 3 2
11th +4 Cunning Action, Extra Attack (2) 3 4 3 3
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement 3 4 3 3
13th +5 Conjure Arrows 4 4 3 3 1
14th +5 Improved Critical 4 4 3 3 1
15th +5 Arrow Imbuement 4 4 3 3 2
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement 4 4 3 3 2
17th +6 Master Marksman 4 4 3 3 3 1
18th +6 Mystic Explosion 4 4 3 3 3 1
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement 4 4 3 3 3 2
20th +6 Advantage Archer, Extra Attack (3) 4 4 3 3 3 2

Ranged Fighting Style[edit]

Starting at 1st level, you adopt a ranged fighting style based on the type of weapon you want to focus on. Every time you level up, you are able to switch to a new style if you decide too.

Bow Master

You gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls you make with bow type weapons.

Heavy Crossbow Fighting

When you roll a 1 or 2 on a damage die for an attack made with a Heavy Crossbow, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll, even if the new roll is a 1 or 2.

Master Thrower

Whenever you crit with a throw weapon, you may throw an additional weapon at no cost at any creature within range as a bonus action.


When you are wielding a ranged weapon in one hand and no other weapons, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls with that weapon.

Two-Weapon Fighting

When you wield a light ranged weapon in each hand, you can use you action to fire the first and bonus action to fire the second. You can also reload both weapons at the same time.

Elemental Shot[edit]

At 1st level, you gain the ability to enchant your arcane weapon with elemental damage. You can enchant your ranged weapon with an element of your choice: fire, cold, lightning, acid, or thunder. While enchanted your shots deal additional elemental damage equal to your Intelligence modifier (min.1). You can spend time during a short or long rest to change the elemental damage type.

Battle Robes[edit]

Starting at 2nd level, you have learned that the key to avoiding damage is speed and endurance. While you are wearing no armor and not wielding a shield, you can modify a set of simple robes into a more tactical and stylish version that has an AC that equals 10 + your proficiency bonus + your Dexterity modifier.

Spell Casting[edit]


At 2nd level, you know two cantrips of your choice from the wizard spell list. You learn additional Mystic Archer cantrips of your choice at higher levels, as shown in the Cantrips column of the Mystic Archer table.

Preparing Spells

The Mystic Archer table shows how many spell slots you have to cast your spells. To cast one of your Mystic Archer spells of 1st level or higher, you must expend a slot of the spell’s level or higher. You regain all expended spell slots when you finish a long rest.

You prepare the list of Mystic Archer spells that are available for you to cast, choosing from the Ranger or Wizard spell list, limited to the Adjuration or Evocation schools of magic. When you do so, choose a number of Mystic archer spells equal to your Intelligence modifier + half your Mystic Archer level, rounded down (minimum of one spell). The spells must be of a level for which you have spell slots.

You can change your list of prepared spells when you finish a long rest. Preparing a new list of Mystic Archer spells requires time spent removing and re-imbuing your weapon: at least 1 minute per spell level for each spell on your list.

Spellcasting Ability

Intelligence is the spellcasting ability for your Mystic Archer spells.

Spell attack modifier = your proficiency bonus + your Intelligence modifier 
Spell save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Intelligence modifier.

Arcane Weaponry[edit]

At 3rd level, you create an extra-dimensional space where you can store 1 weapon you are proficient with. When to perform the ritual on your weapon to tie it to the extra-dimensional space the weapon becomes infused with arcane magic and dim glowing runes line the weapon. As long as the weapon is your arcane weapon it counts as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage. You can use your bonus action to summon an arcane weapon in your empty hand.

The arcane weapon disappears if it is more than 5 feet away from you for 1 minute or more. It also disappears if you use this feature again, if you dismiss the weapon (no action required), or if you die.

You can transform one weapon into your arcane weapon by performing a special ritual while you hold the weapon. You perform the ritual over the course of 1 hour, which can be done during a short rest. You can then dismiss the weapon, shunting it into an extradimensional space, and it appears whenever you summon your arcane weapon thereafter. You can’t affect an artifact or a sentient weapon in this way. However this does work on standard enchanted items. The pocket dimension ceases to exist if you die and the weapon ceases being your arcane weapon, or if you perform the 1-hour ritual on a different weapon, or if you use a 1-hour ritual to break the tie to the pocket dimension to it. The weapon appears at your feet if it is in the pocket dimensional when the tie is broken.

Sure Shot[edit]

At 3rd level, you become more skilled with your ranged weapons. Being within 5 feet of hostile creatures doesn't impose disadvantage on your ranged weapon attack rolls. At 10th level, attacking at long range doesn't impose disadvantage on your ranged weapon attack rolls.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Extra Attack[edit]

Beginning at 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn. The number of attacks increases to three when you reach 11th level. The number of attacks increases to four when you reach 20th level.

Charged Shot[edit]

At level 5, you may spend your entire turn charging your attack causing it to deal an extra die of damage every turn you charge it to a max of three turns. If you charge to maximum, you also receive a damage bonus of +10. If you are hit while charging your shot, you must start over.

Nimble Brawn[edit]

Starting at level 6 you can add both your Strength and Dexterity modifiers to the damage roll (instead of just one or the other)

Take Aim[edit]

At 6th level, when wielding a ranged weapon that has the two-handed property, you gain a +3 bonus to attack rolls. At 9th level the bonus is increased to +6.

Quickened Movement[edit]

When you reach 7th level, your speed increases by 15 feet while you are wearing light armor or no armor and not wielding a shield.


Beginning at 9th level, you have learned to draw your bows and crossbows past their normal limits. Your damage die for these weapons is increased one step. A d6 increases to a d8, a d8 increases to a d10, a d10 to a d12, etc.

Rapid Force Fire[edit]

At 10th level, you unlock a new special ability for use with your ranged weapons. When you use this feature you fire a number of shots in rapid succession at any number of targets within your normal range. Roll 2d4 and add your Intelligence modifier, this is the total number of shots you can fire. Each bolt does 1d4 force damage + your Intelligence modifier. Make an attack roll against a target, your attack modifier for this ability = your proficiency bonus + your Intelligence modifier. You continue making attack rolls until you successfully hit your target at which point every successive bolt will hit automatically. At any point you can choose to change which enemy you are targeting as long as you have shots remaining, but if you choose a new target you must make a new attack roll against that target. You can choose any number of targets in range as long as you have enough shots, and you can fire any number of bolts at each target. You can use your rapid fire ability a number of times per day equal to your Intelligence modifier (min. 1). This fires magic bolts and does not require or use any of your regular ammunition. This feature requires use of your action and cannot stack with the elemental shot feature and replaces any number of attacks you would normally make. You can however still use your bonus action and reaction.

Cunning Action[edit]

Starting at 11th level, your quick thinking and agility allow you to move and act quickly. You can take a bonus action on each of your turns in combat. This action can be used only to take the Dash, Disengage, or Hide action.

Conjure Arrows[edit]

At 13th level, you learn a minor but useful magical trick. As an bonus action, you can conjure 20 nonmagical arrows or bolts. The arrows appear in your hand or in a container, such as a quiver, on your body. The arrows remain for 10 minutes or until you use this feature again; they then vanish.

Improved Critical[edit]

When you gain this feature at 14th level, you score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20 when making an attack roll with a ranged weapon.

Arrow Imbuement[edit]

Starting at 15th level you can imbue your arrows with a spell and make a ranged attack with it. You expend one of your spell slotsto imbue the spells onto the arrow. You then make an attack with the arrow as normal. The spell is triggered when it hits something, if the arrow hits the enemy would take damage from the arrow and the spell. If the arrow misses the spell would be wasted. If a spell allows a dexterity save and the imbued arrow hits, the target doesn't get a dexterity save.

Master Marksman[edit]

At 17th level, before making an attack with a ranged weapon, you can choose to take a -5 penalty to the attack roll. If the attack hits, you add 10 to the attack's damage. This can stack with the Sharpshooter feat for a -10 penalty on a attack roll, but if it hits, add 20 damage to the attack.

Mystic Explosion[edit]

When you reach 18th level, you can weave your power into your ranged attack dealing massive damage in a small area. You add your Intelligence modifier to the attack role. On a hit your shot deals 8d12 fire damage and an additional 4d12 thunder damage. Every creature in a 20 foot radius must make a dexterity saving throw. On success they take no additional damage and on a fail, they take an additional 4d12 fire damage and 2d12 thunder damage. This explosion emits a thunderous boom audible out to 300 feet when it goes off. This ability recharges on a long rest. If you miss with this shot nothing happens and the ability is expended.

Advantage Archer[edit]

At 20th level, if another enemy of the target is within 10 feet of it, you have advantage on your ranged attacks and spells.

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