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Cost: 500,000 gp
Rarity: Legendary
Speed: 2.5 mph

This vehicle looks similar to a large gallion with a large balloon floating above it, being built for the sole purpose of exploring the planes and dealing with any possible dangers. It comes equipped with six cannons on either side of the ship, three ballistas on either side that launch Stingers, an emergency failsafe, and a planar portal orbiter.
size: huge
Armor class: 18
HP: 350
Crew: Due to the ships massive size, it requires a crew of 8 people to properly pilot the ship. Needing a pilot, 4 engineers, A navigator with knowledge of the planes, and 2 mages. The planar portal orbiter requires an input of magic on a daily basis, without magical input the ship will lose its ability to shift to different planes as well as slowly losing its ability to fly. Should it become unable to fly, it is still able to sail on water.
Weaponry: The airship comes equipped with six cannons on either side of the ship, these cannons have a +3 to hit and deal 2d20+10 bludgeoning damage. After these cannons fire, it will take another action to reload them with more ammunition. You can craft variants of the ammunition to deal different damage types. The ship also carries three ballistas on either side of the ship that carry small flying machines called stingers. These ballistas can be fired by someone that's not piloting the stinger. After being fired, the stinger gains double its movement speed for its turn. Stingers are able to land back on the ballista, requiring them to be primed before they can be fired again.
Emergency failsafe: In the event the ship begins to fall rapidly, three large sheets of fabric tied to the ship will deploy from under the deck after falling 30ft. These sheets will slow the fall of the ship, reducing fall damage of the ship by 100 for every 10ft. These sheets have an AC of 13 with an HP of 25. Additionally they can be untied from the ship.
Planar portal orbitor: The airship possess a magical mechanism which allows it to travel to different planes. Attached to the bottom of the ship is a large collection of boulders infused with interplanar magic. When activated, these boulders fly out in front of the ship and create a portal large enough for it to pass through, traveling with the ship and reattaching to the ship after closing the portal. To begin travel one must first enter either the Feywild or the shadowfell (rules of travel may vary between DMs). To access the Feywild, a portal can be created while flying over a mystical forest while the moon is applying a special magical property, the portal being in front of a Fey enchanted waterfall, ect. Traveling to the Shadowfell can be accomplished by opening a portal while flying over an ancient battlefield, a massive graveyard, in front of an ancient tomb, ect. You can travel further into the multiverse from there (see DMG pages 44-67).

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