Morque, the Taker of Lives (3.5e Equipment)

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Morque, the Taker of Lives is an ancient scythe. It acts as a +5 unholy, vorpal, ghost touch, wounding, flaming burst and icy burst scythe. In addition, it is intelligent, with 19 Charisma and Wisdom and 10 Intelligence. It speaks all languages and can read magic. It is chaotic evil. It can cast Hold Person at will, have continual Deathwatch, cast darkness at will, and can Daze at will. It can cast dismissal at will, slow at will, and has a special power to slay all; It can cast Power Word Kill 1/day and disallow spell resistance.

In addition to all this, Morque has a special power, anybody who loses posession of the weapon instantly dies. There is absolutely no way to avoid this effect. Morque absorbs of the former wielder's life essence, preventing ANY sort of resurrection (even True Resurrection or Gift of Life). This also empowers Morque, increasing one of its ability scores by one for each 10 HD of the killed creature. It is impossible for it to "save" hit dice, so if it absorbs a 9 HD creature, it can retain those HD until it, say, kills an 11 HD creature, it will then gain two increases. It also absorbs the soul of anybody it kills, either by being used to attack them, or by its Power Word Kill. (They can't be resurrected either).

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