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The morph ball can fit in small spaces.

Morph Ball: This attachment gives the warforged large round shoulder pads, and enabled a secondary form known as Morph Ball. As a full round action which does not provoke attacks of opportunity, they transform into a small metal ball able to roll around on its own. The warforged is considered two sizes smaller than its original form. They gain a +10 enhancement bonus to speed, which increases by +10 when moving downhill (and decreases -10 when moving uphill). They may not attack in this form (but see below), so this form is largely for mobility purposes.

If the creature equipping this item is a spellcaster or a warlock, they have access to an offensive measure in the form of morph ball bombs. Spellcasters may expend spell slots to drop a glowing energy sphere in its wake as a standard action, that detonates in a 5 ft. radius dealing 1d6 magic damage per level of the arcane spell sacrificed, Reflex half DC 10 + 1/2 HD + primary casting modifier (default Cha). This explosion does not harm the morph ball. Warlocks deal 1d6 damage for every 1d6 of their eldritch blast, and they may apply their invocations to the explosion as long as it does not alter the shape of the explosion. The concussive blasts are very effective against objects, able to ignore hardness of 10 and less. Against greater hardness, it only deals half damage. The bombs also deal double damage against crystalline objects and creatures as if it were a shatter spell.

The explosion may be delayed up to 3 rounds, allowing the Morph Ball to escape and leave exploding treasures in its wake, though such spheres are obvious to the naked eye. This item is part of the Chozo Warrior set, with the Hand Cannon, Space Jump Boots, and Tactical Visor

Collection Benefits

2 Items: You may enter and leave Morph Ball mode as a move action.

3 Items: You gain the Spider Ball ability. While in Morph Ball mode you benefit from the Spider Climb spell.

4 Items: You gain the Power Bomb ability. 3/day your morph ball bombs are maximized.

Moderate; (DC 18) Transmutation;CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, Polymorph and Expeditious Retreat; Cost 10,000 gp + 800 XP; Activation: Standard Action or Move (see text); Weight: — lb.; Market Price: 20,000 gp

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