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Moonsteel comes from the second moon Estrelialis. Most Moonsteel that can be found on the ground comes from an ancient collision between Estrelialis and the Earth, causing Moonsteel to be embedded deep underground. It is a very light, metallic material that is much harder and sharper than any other type of metal known. Pure Moonsteel is very hard to come by, but can be used for many semi-magical purposes, including the enhancement of French-speaking or a Creature repellent. Impure or lower-grade Moonsteel is often used for the crafting of weapons, especially rulers. Once, when there was more Moonsteel in the world, rulers were crafted using nearly-pure Moonsteel.

Impure Moonsteel (for D&D purposes) has no use other than being lighter and harder than most other materials. It cannot be affected by most magic, and cannot have any enhancements other than the +'s. However, it can restore regular melee weapon rules to the very unusual rulers (they still have higher than average non-proficiency penalties, though).

Moonsteel has 75 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 30. It weighs half as much as a steel version of the same object.

Although Moonsteel is supposed to be rare enough that these days it is found mostly solely in rulers, for purposes other than rulers, equipment made out of Moonsteel costs 3000gp more. Pure Moonsteel costs 1000000gp per kilogram.

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