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Table: Molotov Cocktail and Molotov Cocktail variants
Weapon Direct Hit Damage Splash Damage Critical Damage Type Reflex DC Range Increment Weight
Molotov Cocktail(Wine)1 1d3 1 ×2 Bludgeoning, Piercing and Fire 13 30 ft. 1 lb.
Molotov Cocktail(Whiskey)1 1d6 1d2 ×2 Bludgeoning, Piercing and Fire 15 30 ft. 1 lb.
Molotov Cocktail(Gasoline)1 1d10 1d6 ×2 Bludgeoning, Piercing and Fire 18 30 ft. 1 lb.
Molotov Cocktail(Good Ale)1 1d8 1d2 ×2 Bludgeoning, Piercing and Fire 17 30 ft. 1 lb.
Powderhorn Cocktail 2d6 - ×3 Bludgeoning, Piercing and Fire 21 50 ft. 1 lb.
Acidblast Cocktail1 3d8 3d6 ×2 Bludgeoning, Piercing and Acid 17 30 ft. 1 lb.
Sparkshatter Cocktail 5d4+2 3d4+2 19-20/×2 Bludgeoning, Piercing and Lightning 25 60 ft. 1 lb.
  1. Threat range applies to hits only; splash damage does not threaten a critical hit.

All Molotov Cocktails and variants are made from a bottle of volatile liquid, which has a rag or piece of rope that has been lit on fire and stuck in the top of the bottle. It is then thrown, and then explodes on contact. All craft DCs are from Craft (Alchemy). In order to wield a Molotov Cocktail(or variant) properley, you must be able to craft one.

The craft DC for any of the normal Molotov Cocktails is 10. You are required to have a bottle, flask or canteen to hold the liquid in, a piece of hempen rope or cloth, and tindertwigs, flint and steel or a fire to light it with.

Powderhorn cocktails are made from a horn or bottle of blackpowder which has a fuse attached to it, and then is subsequently lit on fire and thrown. Craft DC is 14.

Acidblast Cocktails are made from a flask of acid, which is mixed with an explosive or incendiary substance(Ale, Whiskey, Wine, Red dragon's blood, etc.) with a fuse. You can guess what comes next. Craft DC for Acidblast Cocktails is 17, and you must have at least one level in Knowledge(Arcana) to craft it.

Sparkshatter Cocktails are made using a normal Molotove cocktail, and adding a powdered thunderstone to the mix. The craft DC to make a normal Molotov is 10, then the craft DC to successfully powder a thunderstone is 13. Then you must make a craft DC 20 to make sure it doesn't explode on contact. If you fail the last one, you take 4d4+2 damage, and become Paralyzed for the next round.

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