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Modules and contraptions are items created by members of a specific class, the Tinkerer, and utilised by them and their companions. Modules are modifications to a weapon or piece of armour's capabilities, such as scopes and stcoks for crossbows, better pommels and crossguards for swords, and improved strength and weight distribution for armour. Contraptions are clever devices that provide a tactical advantage in combat, such as portable cover, pressure-activated razor traps, and magical capsules that allow a mage to activate a spell from a distance. Tinkerers can build these by spending time and money. Modules come in five tiers, contraptions in four, with Tinkerers unlocking the various tiers at different levels. However, someone who recieves a module or contraption from a Tinkerer can only use it if it is one tier lower than the highest tier the Tinkerer can produce, since it takes extra thought and effort to design something that a non-specialist can use.


Tier 1

Crossbow - Barrel - Extended Barrel (Basic): You find a way to extend the barrel of a crossbow to increase its power and range. For hand crossbows, they gain the damage and range of a light crossbow. For light crossbows, they gain the damage and range of a heavy crossbow. For heavy crossbows, they gain damage 1d12 and range 150/600. However, the extra weight and volume of material is sometimes awkward to position. Shots you fire from a crossbow with this module while intentionally using cover (not incidently having it) or while prone have disadvantage.

Crossbow - Barrel - Short Barrel (Basic): You reduce the size of the barrel of the crossbow so it can be fired point-blank without issue. When firing a crossbow with this module while within melee range of another enemy creature, you do not suffer the usual penalties. However, the shorter barrel makes it difficult to fire at distant targets. You can never hit a target with an attack with a crossbow with this module if that creature is at longe range with the crossbow you are using.

Crossbow - Barrel - Bayonet (Basic): You attach a blade to the end of a crossbow so that you are not vulnerable if an enemy reaches melee combat with you. You can make melee attacks with a crossbow that has a bayonet. For hand crossbows, treat this attack as an attack with a dagger. For heavy crossbows, treat this attack as an attack with a spear. For light crossbows, you may choose to treat this attack as either an attack with a spear or an attack with a dagger. However, the additional weight on the end of the crossbow makes it difficult to fire after moving. Any ranged attack you make with a crossbow with this module when you moved in the previous turn has disadvantage.

Crossbow - Magazine - Little Surprise: You haven't researched the idea of crossbow magazines much yet, but you do have one idea. You have installed a second slot to fit an additional crossbow bolt that will raise at the touch of a button, allowing you to fire two shots in a single turn, once. The second bolt can be replaced, but the slot is awkward to access, and it takes 1 minute to do so.

Crossbow - String - Hair Trigger (Basic): You adjust the trigger and the string of the crossbow in such a way that only a slight movement is needed to fire the crossbow. Whenever you are surprised, you may fire a single shot with your crossbow at your initiative as if you weren't. However, you can't stop yourself from reacting quickly, sometimes before you have even recognised the recipient. Whenever a non-hostile character surprises you while you have your crossbow drawn with this module, the Dungeon Master may have you fire a shot at them as you react to the sudden movement without realising you're safe.

Crossbow - String - Armour Piercing Shot (Basic): You adjust the string so that it can fire razor-thin crossbow bolts straight through some surfaces. Whenever you fire a shot, treat the target's armour class as one point lower unless it is not wearing armour. However, once the armour is pierced, the thin shot cannot inflict much tissue damage. Any shot fired by a crossbow with this module deals 1 less point of damage, but cannot reduce the damage dealt to 0. When this module is used against contructs, they are considered to be armoured, and they recieve 1 additional point of damage.

Crossbow - String - Widehead Shot (Basic): You adjust the string to push a larger weight forwards: a wider bolt that can inflict greater tissue damage. Any shot you fire from a crossbow with this module deals 1 additional damage. However, if the target is wearing armour, treat their armour class as 1 point higher, as the widehead bolts are not good at piercing armour. When this module is used against contructs, they are considered to be armoured, and they recieve 1 less point of damage.

Crossbow - Over Barrel - Focus Sight (Basic): You design a sight that allows greater accuracy to be acheieved if more time is spent lining up the shot. You may spend an action to focus on a target while you have a crossbow with this module drawn. During your next turn after focusing, if you fire a shot at the target you focused on, you gain advantage on the attack roll.

Crossbow - Under Barrel - Weapon Space (Basic): You re-design the bottom section of the crossbow so that a small weapon can be held underneath the weapon comfortably. You may have both the crossbow and any light melee weapon equipped at the same time, as if the crossbow only required one hand to wield. This is not dual wielding; you may not attack with both the crossbow and the light weapon in one turn. This simply nullifies the requirement to spend an action replacing one weapon with the other. However, it is still somewhat awkward to use either weapon from this position, and so all attacks made while both a melee and the crossbow are equipped deal 1 point less damage.

Crossbow - Under Barrel - Light Source: You design a wood and glass contraption that focuses light from an everburning flame forwards and clips to the bottom of a crossbow. As long as you have the crossbow is equipped, you create a 30-foot cone of light facing the same direction you are. However, the light is very bright in the direction you are facing, meaning creatures that are looking at you from in front of you can easily spot you, especially in darkness.

Crossbow - Stock - Stable Stock (Basic): You replace the normal stock of your crossbow with one that more easily rests against you. You have advantage on the first shot you fire with your crossbow each turn. However, the lighter, more comfortable design is also less durable. Whenever you take damage other than psychic or poison damage from an attack in which the attacking creature rolled a natural 20 on its attack roll, the module breaks. It can be repaired with one minute's work if you pass a DC 15 Tinker's Tools (Intelligence) check. Until it is repaired, all shots fired by the crossbow have disadvantage, and the module cannot be removed.

Tier 2

Cost: Variable
Weight: Variable

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