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Rod, varies (requires attunement)

Several decades ago, the Modlarhod Institute sought to create the ultimate magic rod. After months of disagreements over what was most important to magic-users, Lady Modlarhod decided the institute would create various individual components that could be combined to make a number of different magic rods.

Attunement. You must spend a short or long rest attuning to a complete rod for it to have any effects. If you disassemble a rod, you lose attunement to it.

Modularity. A Modlarhod rod consists of three parts: the grip, the shaft, and the focus. Each part has a discrete magic effect, as listed in the Grip, Shaft and Focus tables, and parts may be swapped out to combine different effects into one rod. Individual parts don't work; they must be part of a complete rod to have any effect.

Name Description Effect Rarity Price
Carved Grip It's carved to fit into your hand. You have advantage on Strength saves against being disarmed. Common 25 gp
Grip of the Mage A golden grip and a ring While wearing the ring, you can levitate and use the rod up to 30 ft. away. Any spells you cast are cast as though you aren the rod's place. Very Rare 2,500 gp
Grip of the Ethereal A mysterious marble grip. You may call the rod to your hand without spending a bonus action, as long as it's the same plane of existence as you, or the ethereal plane. The rod vanishes, travels through the ethereal plane, then reappears in your hand. You may also hide the rod on the ethereal plane without spending an action. Rare 1,500 gp
Name Description Effect Rarity Price
Birch Shaft A short, sturdy shaft +1 to attack rolls. Common 20 gp
Focused Shaft A shaft that tapers at the end. Area effect spells target a single individual, who has disadvantage on any saving throws against it. If the spell does damage, the target takes additional damage equal to half the damage dealt. Rare 1,000 gp
Telescopic Shaft An extendable metal shaft. Spells that have a range of touch have the reach quality. Uncommon 250 gp
Wide Shaft A thick shaft. Area effect spells gain an additional 5 ft. to their area of effect. Rare 750 gp
Name Description Effect Rarity Price
Magic Crystal A small, clear crystal. +1 to damage. Common 50 gp
Elemental Crystal A colourful crystal pulsing with elemental energy. If you cast a spell that causes elemental damage of the same type as the crystal, you deal an additional 5 damage. Uncommon 250 gp
Healing Crystal A pale pink crystal. Healing spells heal an extra dice of HP, curing spells give the target advantage on saving throws to end an effect. Rare 1,000 gp

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