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Greater Deity
Symbol: A chain loop twisted into a figure eight under a single rose
Home Plane:
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Love, Passion, Magic, Marriage, Devotion, Beauty
Clergy Alignments:
Domains: Chaos, Good, Magic, Trickery
Favored Weapon:
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A divine rank 16 deity known also as the Sorceress Queen, the Lover, Holder of the Covenant. Milyena governs two aspects; magic, and love. She appears most often as a woman of spectacular beauty, with dark flowing hair wrapping lightly around her pale skin. While she often acts like a young, petulant woman, she is actually very wise, knowledgeable in the way the world works. her mastery of magic attests to that. She holds in highest esteem those who follow their passion, honor their marriages, and aspire to the highest forms of the art magicka. She is also the holder of the Covenant, and it is she who couples make their vows to if they honor the Seven.


Clergy and Temples[edit]


The Vaeryan Seven

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