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Militant Assassin[edit]

You were trained as an assassin in the military to eliminate high threat targets. Whether it be a rogue militia or a high profile general you were always tasked to get the job done. But were you always like this? Could you have been tricked into fighting for the wrong side or were you looking for an opportunity to kill? Were you born into this profession or did you simply enlist and your skills proved promising? Regardless you have since then retired from that life looking for a profession less stressful or restrictive.

Skill Proficiencies: Stealth, Deception

Tool Proficiencies: Thieves' Tools or Disguise Kit

Languages: One of your choice

Equipment: One set of common clothes, a military issue cloak with an insignia of the respective army, a small survival knife, a record book with details of previous targets habits, schedules, and mannerisms, and a small pouch containing 15 gp.


Militant assassins can have a multitude of different intentions, whether someone's death was at your hands or you caused it indirectly. You can work with your DM about different possibilities or roll on the chart below.

d6 Specialization
1 Long ranged assassin
2 Spy
3 Saboteur
4 Double agent
5 Contract assassin
6 Special forces

Feature: Fear and respect are close[edit]

Thanks to your families work, criminal organizations are inclined to fear you, and people assume you have the right to be wherever you are. Everyone will probably make every effort to accommodate you and avoid your displeasure, and other people of high riches treat you as a member of the same social sphere.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I don't mind betraying an ally if the coin is right.
2 I don't particularly enjoy killing, generally it's either me or them.
3 Death is a subject that doesn't bother me.
4 I've caused too many casualties to count.
5 I hunt people like animals.
6 My years in the war has left me emotionally drained.
7 I tend to get bored and try to show off.
8 I can never take any situation seriously anymore, constantly making jokes to lighten a mood.
d6 Ideal
1 Philosophical: Life is fleeting, and I am the reaper. (Neutral)
2 Violent: Everyone else is a savage animal, I am the only hunter. (Evil)
3 Judgemental: I will only slay the bad ones, an honorable man does not deserve death. (Good)
4 Unique: There are many people who share my job, but there's no one who can do it like me. (Any)
5 Greed: Any job is possible if the coin offered is good enough. (Evil)
6 Achievement: Many people can kill a man, I strive to be at the top of the list. (Chaotic)
d6 Bond
1 The person who trained me died while I was away, every target I eliminate is in honor of them.
2 I was nearly killed by a previous target, I plan to return the favor.
3 I killed an ally for mistaking them as an enemy soldier, that mistake still haunts me to this day.
4 I was tricked into working for the wrong side, I plan to track them down and get my revenge.
5 I once made an amazing trick shot, I aspire to make an even more impressive one.
6 Money is what makes the world go 'round, the greater the risk the greater the reward.
d6 Flaw
1 If there's ever a plan, I have a better one.
2 With my old work being fairly solitary, I find it difficult to work in a team.
3 Once someone questions my courage, I never back down no matter how dangerous the situation.
4 I usually get bored on watch and fall asleep.
5 I sometimes have terrifying flashbacks to the war and scream randomly.
6 I'm scared of people like me because I know what I'm capable of.

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