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Weapon (greatsword), very rare (Touching ahold of the Unholy Mark upon the Blade and Succeeding on a Wisdom Saving Throw against it replaces the Mark with one relevant to you and attunes the Weapon to you.)

This Weapon counts as Magical Meteor Iron for all intents and purposes.

+2 to Hit, reach of 10 feet due to its massive size and it deals 27 (6d6+6) slashing damage on a hit. (If worked at a forge with a Master Blade Maker or a Veteran Meteor Giant with access to 30 pounds of meteor Iron or a second Blade, the Blade can be augmented to do 34 (6d12+12) damage after 4d6 months of work on the Blade... The Greatsword was designed for a Wielder to be Large or Huge in stature, and thus is unwieldy in the hands of someone untrained with Greatswords. (Losing them the +2 Bonus to Hit)

Meteor Iron

The Blade is made from an ever-moving, eternally writhing, iron known simply as Meteor Iron that is adorned with the moving forms of Tentacles and Faceless Soldiers of both Male and Female without Apparel wrapped in the Tentacles that form from out their backs who are locked in a never-ending war, each wielding the same kind of Greatsword as this...

Unholy Symbol

Somewhere along the width of the Blade itself is an Unholy Symbol, marking the Meteor Giant Creator or Owner of the Blade. Gazing upon or touching this Symbol requires a Wisdom-Saving Throw be made, of DC 15. (Exact Specifics of which can be found in the Unholy Mark section on the meteor giant's page.) However should the Blade's Master be dead, Banished from the Realm, or otherwise incapable of entering within 100 feet of the Blade succeeding on the Wisdom Saving Throw attunes the Blade to you.


Attuning the Blade to you causes the Unholy Symbol to Morph into the Symbol you are most bound to or a new Symbol Connected to your Soul Henceforth. Any other wishing to take the blade for their own must meet the same requirements as before and succeed on a Wisdom Saving Throw for the attunement process.

Once attuned to the Blade its wielder may, at will, teleport to within 30 feet of the Blade so long as they manifest in Darkness or Dim-Light around it. As Well you can perform the soul reading spell using the Blade as the initial target area once per day. (Even if you can't normally use Spells.)

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