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This Build is ment to be an mental power house in any game that allows psionics. This build uses d20 modern, d20 past, d20 future, d20 apocalypse, urban arcana.

Charismatic 3/Telepath 10/Mesmerist 7
Psychic (Concentration, Sense Motive, Wild Talent)
Key Abilities
Cha, Int, Wis
Key Skills
Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Concentration, Sense Motive, Autoypnosis, Psicraft
Simple Weapons Prof.(B), Wild Talent(Detect Psionics)(B), Iron Will(B), Frightful Presence(B), Attentive(B), Focused(B), Confident(B), Blind-Fight(B), Wild Talent x2(Daze, Missive), Trustworthy, Heighten Power, Hide Power, Quicken Power, Extend Power, Enlarge Power
Special Abilities
Charm, Fast-Talk, Trigger Power, Power Crystal, Comat Manifestation, Maximize Power
Ability Decay x3 (Str, Dex, Con), Psionic Talent[Minor] (Telempathic Projection), Telekinetic Mind, Telepathy


Power Points
20 0-Level Powers per day, 58 Power Points


0. Daze, Detect Psionics, Distract, Farhand, Finger of Fire, Missive, Telempathic Projection, Verve
1. Attraction, Charm Person, Conceal Thoughts, Control Object, Lesser Body Adjustment, Lesser Mindlink, Object Reading
2. Brain Lock, Detect Thoughts, Inflict Pain, Suggestion
3. Lesser Domination, Mental Blast, Mindlink
4. Domination, Forced Mindlink
5. Mindprobe

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