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A race of shapechangers created by ancient sorcerer as spies. While their original form is made of magical half-liquid platinum-like metal, they can reshape their bodies into near-anything, including flesh, although their DNA is always metallic.


Basically, human-like personality, although some of the most old ones can be very distant.

Physical Description[edit]

In their original form, metalmorphers have mostly humanoid looked, but their body is made of half-liquid platinum-like metal, and their eyes are glowing; their eyes color is depends on their mood- green when happy, red when angry, blue when relaxed and etc. As they can morph their body into almost anything, it is hard to know how they would look.


Dozens thousands of years ago, an ancient sorcerer created the metalmorphers as spies and servants. However, unlike him, they were ageless, so after he died they were set free. Years were passed, any eventually someone else took over the race- a powerful immortal who promise to teach them magic if they will work for him forever. Under his command, they discover that they can create new metalmorphers by injecting some of their essence into flesh and blood sentient beings, turning them into metalmorphers. While they mostly do as they want, when this immortal commands them they will always obey him.


They get along with anyone, except evil beings.


Never evil. Although the entire race is under control, their fluid nature makes them mostly chaotic.




While most metalmorphers don't worship deities at all, there are a few exceptionals.


Common, Arcane.



Racial Traits[edit]

  • Abilities: +30 Strength, +20 Dexterity, +24 Constitution, +12 Intelligence, +12 Wisdom, +6 Charisma
  • Living Construct: Although metalmorphers are constructs, they are living creatures (well, kind of...). Unlike most Living Constructs, spells from healing subschool provide full effect to a metalmorpher.
  • Metalmorpher base land speed is 300 feet and Spider Climb. Although their true form is made of metal, it weighs normal for a creature in its size.
  • Damage Reduction: 40/magic, epic
  • Regeneration: 20/magic, epic
  • Armor Class: The base creature's natural armor bonus improves by +20
  • Enhanced Senses: Blindsight 120 feet, Blindsense 600 feet, Advanced Scent (Like Enhanced Scent, but within 600 feet), Prefect Status Vision, micro vision and telescopic vision up to distance of 2 miles.
  • Fluid Physiology: Metalmorphers' body is made of a magical half-liquid platinum-like metal. Thus, they can reshape it into near-anything, even other materials, including flesh, although their DNA is always metallic. Regardless of what form they took, they always can reshape any part of their body as they wish- they even can create clothes to themselves out of their own body. Metalmorphers can even alter their mass, in some limits; while the original size of most of the metalmorphers is medium, they can shift it in one size category, whether it is up or down. Their fluid physiology frees them from all the needs of the living- they don’t require sustenance, rest or oxygen, although they can eat, sleep and breathe if they want to. They can digest food by temporary creating a functioning digestive System (while they can assume any form, their inner organs aren't necessarily working). Because of their fluid physiology, it is very hard to kill metalmorphers. Although epic magical weapons/effects can hurt them, they cause them no enduring damage. Thus, destroying them is incredibly difficult. The only way to destroy a metalmorpher for good is to destroy its body completely; if even one little part will remain, the metalmorpher will completely regenerate in a few hours.
  • Liquimetal Weaponry: As a move action, a metalmorpher can transform one of its limbs into a replica of one of a weapon that it is proficient in or back to its original hands. All weapon properties such as finesse, versatile, and two-handed apply. In addition, it can take on the hardness of an armor, as if it were wearing it, as a move action, provided it is proficient in that armor. Although that "armor" is part of it, it gains all the properties of that armor as if it were wearing it.
  • Infusion: As full round action, metalmorphers can inject some of their essence into a flesh and blood sentient being, mostly via continuous touch or similar action. In 4d10 rounds, this essence will convert the being into metalmorpher. The new metalmorpher would be aware, vaguely, that something had changed in it, but most likely won't realize the truth about this until someone else will explain it to it.
  • Advanced Immunity: Metalmorphers' inherent magic, alongside their fluid physiology, grants them immunity to energy/ability drain/damage, transmutation, mental effects, all elements, holy/unholy damage and Spell Immunity/epic. Although their DNA is metallic, they are completely immune to all corrosive effects.

New Ability: Regeneration[edit]

This regeneration ability is different than its SRD version. It's based of the PFSRD version of regeneration, which isn't documented in the wikia.

It's very hard to kill creatures who have this ability. Creatures with this ability constantly heal, like the ability fast healing, except they can't die as long as their regeneration ability is active (although they still pass out if they goes below 0 hit points). Damage that cause by some means, usually by fire, acid or some kind of material, cause the creature's regeneration to stop working for the round after the attack. In this round, the creature doesn't heal damage and can die as usual. The creature data describes the means that cause his regeneration to stop working.

Regeneration can't heal attacks that don’t deal hit point damage. Regeneration also doesn't restore hit points lost from starvation, thirst, or suffocation. Regenerating creatures can regrow lost portions of their bodies and can reattach severed limbs or body parts. Severed parts that are not reattached wither and die normally. Creature must have constitution score to have regeneration ability.

Vital Statistics[edit]

A metalmorpher's age is counted as the years it is a metalmorpher. At the age of about 1, a metalmorpher is fully grown. The metalmorphers are ageless.

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