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Weapon (any), very rare (requires attunement)

Not to be confused with anything related to internet memes. Sorry for the disappointment.

These weapons do not, strictly speaking, have a physical form. Rather, they are the idea of a weapon. As such, they are invisible to everyone except the user, anyone with Truesight, or anyone using Detect Thoughts on the user, and cannot be physically stored. These weapons are passed on from owner to owner. To do so, the previous owner must spend 10 minutes describing how they perceive the weapon, until the new owner is able to picture it clearly in their mind. Doing so also attunes the new owner to the weapon, and prevents the previous user from using it anymore. They have a +3 to their attacks and rolls. Since this is a Memetic weapon, they cannot be disarmed since it doesn't have a physical form.

While attuned to the weapon, you can draw from or return the weapon to your mind as a bonus action. When you attack with this weapon, you ignore all bonuses to AC from shields or from parrying, and you bypass any temporary hit points the creature has. Memetic weapons do not need ammo. Weapons that are Memetic are magical in terms of bypassing damage resistance.

If the user dies, they take the weapon with them into the afterlife.

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