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Creating a Meldshaper[edit]

Zenya, a human incarnate, Magic of Incarnum
Quick Build

You can make a melshaper quickly by following these suggestions. First, <!-Ability score-> should be your highest ability score, followed by <!-Ability score->. Second, choose the <!-background name-> background. Third, choose <!-elaborate on equipment choices->

Class Features

As a Meldshaper you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Meldshaper level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Meldshaper level after 1st


Armor: light armor, medium armor, Shields
Weapons: All simple weapons
Tools: Choose one
Saving Throws: Constitution, Wisdom
Skills: Chooses two from Arcana, Deception, History, Insight, Nature, Survival


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

Table: The Meldshaper

Level Proficiency
Essentia Least Lesser Greater Soul Features
1st +2 1 - - - - Essentia, Incarnum Device
2nd +2 1 - - - - Meldshaper Discipline
3rd +2 2 1 - - - Meldshaping, Least Chakras
4th +2 2 1 - - - Ability Score Improvement
5th +3 3 1 - - - Extra Attack
6th +3 3 2 1 - - Lesser Chakras
7th +3 4 2 1 - - Discipline Meld Capacity Increase
8th +3 4 2 1 - - Ability Score Improvement
9th +4 5 3 2 1 - Greater Chakras
10th +4 5 3 2 1 - Rebind Soulmeld
11th +4 6 3 2 1 -
12th +4 6 3 3 2 1 Ability Score Improvement, Soul Chakra
13th +5 7 3 3 2 1 Discipline Meld Capacity Increase
14th +5 7 3 3 2 1 Split Chakra
15th +5 8 3 3 3 2
16th +5 8 3 3 3 2 Ability Score Improvement
17th +6 9 3 3 3 2
18th +6 9 3 3 3 3
19th +6 10 3 3 3 3 Ability Score Improvement
20th +6 10 3 3 3 3 Perfect Meldshaper


Meldshapers are adept at shaping incarnum, the physical manifestations of spiritual energy which flows through the planes. The nature of energies shaped varies between meldshapers, but typically involve moral and ethical forces wielded in pursuit of an ideal. These manifestations are fueled by essentia; the meldshaper’s personal store of incarnum. Starting at 2nd level, essentia can be channeled through soulmelds to manifest or empower their abilities.

Each point of essentia can be individually invested in incarnum constructs, typically meldshapes and some other meldshaper class features. Investment can result in a variety of effects, detailed in individual entries. Your meldshaper level determines the number of essentia which can be invested at any one time. The investment of essentia can be changed with a bonus action.

Incarnum Device[edit]

The most basic soulmeld learned by meldshapers is the incarnum device. These incarnum constructs take on various forms and provide various benefits, depending on the device chosen. Further Incarnum devices may be developed at DM discretion. 1 essentia may be invested in the decive from 1st level, 2 essentia from 4th level and 3 essentia from 7th level.

Airstep sandals. You shape incarnum into a pair of sky-blue sandals. They surround your feet without quite touching them, fitting over any boots or shoes you wear. When you use the flight ability of the sandals, you leave a faint trail of blue vapor behind you, which disperses after a few seconds.

Bind: You gain a bonus to Acrobatics skill checks equal to the number of essentia invested in this soulmeld.

Essentia Result
1 You take half the normal amount of falling damage.
2 You may use a move action to fly up to 30 feet. After this move, you fall as normal.
3 You gain advantage on all Acrobatics checks.

Keeneye lenses. Incarnum forms a pair of transparent blue lenses that hover in front of your eyes. As you peer through them, the world does not take on their blue color, but you find yourself more easily able to notice small details, even at long distances.

Bind: You gain a bonus to Perception skill checks equal to the number of essentia invested in this soulmeld.

Essentia Result
1 Halve the benefits of concealment against attacks made by you.
2 May take a full action to cast truesight, with a duration ending at the beginning of your next turn.
3 You gain advantage on Perception checks.

Silvertongue mask. A plain silver mask conceals your lower face while exposing your eyes. The mask is initially featureless, with a simple horizontal slot at your mouth, but subtle images shift across its surface as you interact with others.

Bind: You gain a bonus to Persuasion skill checks equal to the number of essentia invested in this soulmeld.

Essentia Result
1 Gain proficiency in Deception.
2 When talking to another creature, you may take an action to attempt to charm them. Perform a Charisma check, opposed by the target’s Wisdom saving throw. If your check equals or exceeds the target’s saving throw, they become friendly to you and other creatures you designate. This ability can only affect one creature at a time. You may not use this ability in a situation where the creature would not be expected to concentrate on your words, such as in combat. Should your check fail, the creature realizes that you attempted to influence its mood and becomes hostile toward you.
3 You gain advantage on Persuasion checks.

Theft gloves. You shape incarnum into a pair of supple black leather gloves that fit over your hands as well as any other gloves or gauntlets you might wear. Despite the material covering your fingertips, the gloves grant you exacting precision in certain tasks — those that typically relate to thievery.

Bind: You gain a bonus to Sleight of Hand skill checks equal to the number of essentia invested in this soulmeld.

Essentia Result
1 Gain proficiency with thieves’ tools.
2 You may use your reaction to halve damage dealt by a surprise attack, an attack made in the surprise round or a trap.
3 You gain advantage on Sleight of Hand checks.

Meldshaper Discipline[edit]

At the 2nd level, you chose a discipline. Choose between incarnate, witchborn binder, and totemist, all detailed at the end of the class description. Your choice grants you features at 2nd, and again at 7th, and 13th levels.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of you choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.


Soulmelds are at the heart of the Meldshaper’s abilities. To create a soulmeld is to grant the power of living souls past and present a tangible, conceptually charged form.

Chakras are the body’s ten centers of power: crown, feet, hands, arms, brow, shoulders, throat, waist, heart, and soul. Soulmelds are bound to the meldshaper’s chakras, and while bound, magic items cannot be worn on the same location. The chakras and associated item slots are as follows:

Least chakras:

Location Items Unable to wear
Crown Headband, helmet, hat, phylactery
Hands Gloves, gauntlets
Feet Boots

Lesser chakras:

Location Items Unable to wear
Brow Eye lenses, goggles
Arms Bracers, bracelets
Shoulders Cloak, cape, mantle

Greater chakras:

Location Items Unable to wear
Throat Amulet, brooch, medallion, necklace, periapt, scarab
Waist Belt
Heart Shirt, vest, vestment

Superior chakra:

Location Items Unable to wear
Soul Robe, armor

Soulmelds may be shaped over the course of an hour, although any number can be unshaped as a full round action. If only some are replaced, the process takes a proportionate amount of time. Thus, replacing 2 of 4 soumelds would take half an hour.

Any saving throws required as a result of soulmeld’s effects have a DC of 8 + wielder's proficiency bonus + Wisdom modifier.

A meldshaper can only have a number of soulmelds shaped at any one time equal to their constitution modifier. Thus, a meldshaper with a constitution score of 16 could have up to 3 soulmelds shaped. You may only have one soulmeld from each bind category shaped at one time. These must be chosen from:

  • Incarnate device,
  • Least chakra binds,
  • Lesser chakra binds,
  • Greater chakra binds,
  • Soul chakra binds

The soulmelds gained from meldshaper disciplines (Incarnate weapon, Totem bind, ???) are excepted from this rule, and can always be bound should the character desire.

Least Soulmelds[edit]

Upon reaching 3rd level, meldshapers learn to bind meldshapes to their least chakras.

Lightning Gauntlets (hands). Incarnum forms into a pair of metallic gloves that hover around your hands and any other gloves or gauntlets you wear. Blue arcs of electricity crackle between the fingers and spark between the gloves when you bring your hands close to each other.

N!doka the North Star, a good incarnate of recent times, is said to have earned her sobriquet through the use of this soulmeld, creating such a bright flare of electrical power in a battle with a beholder that her allies were able to locate her by following the glow on the horizon.

Bind: You may add d4 lightning damage per essentia invested to your unarmed melee attacks..

Essentia Result
1 You can discharge arcs of electricity, treated as unarmed melee attacks which deal entirely lightning damage and have the reach property.
2 You may use a bonus action to channel electricity through a creature struck by one of your melee attacks in your turn. Up to 3 other creatures within 10 feet must pass a reflex saving throw or take d4 lightning damage per essentia invested.
3 You may add 3d4 lightning damage to all melee attacks. This is not cumulative with the bind effect.

Sighting gloves (hands). Turquoise incarnum energy briefly forms a sheath around your hands before merging with your flesh. The energy steadies your hands so that when you launch an arrow or throw a weapon, it flies true, leaving blue-green sparks in its wake.

The soulmeld draws upon the soul energy of legendary archers, improving your aim while giving you insightful hints regarding the best time to release an arrow, fire a bolt, or throw an axe.

Bind: You may add a bonus equal to the number of essentia invested to ranged attack rolls.

Essentia Result
1 You gain proficiency with all ranged weapons. This includes improvised throwing weapons.
2 You may use a full action to make a single ranged attack. If this attack hits, the target takes damage as normal and may become pinned in place, stunned by a blow to the head or similarly immobilized. They must succeed on a constitution saving throw or be unable to move in their next turn. Flying creatures may make an additional reflex save to avoid this effect, but if they fail they immediately crash to the ground.
3 Your ranged attacks suffer no penalties due to long range.

Thunderstep boots (feet). You shape incarnum into a pair of heavy boots that fit over your feet and any other boots you might wear. Cobalt steel forms rings around your calves and reinforces the toes of the boots.

The legendary meldshaper Odravan the Red was known for charging into battle wearing thunderstep boots at the head of a well-trained mercenary unit. Foes who survived Odravan’s charge were usually stunned and quickly fell to his allies’ swords.

Bind: When you move at least 10 feet towards a target before attacking, the target takes 1d4 thunder damage per essentia invested, regardless of whether the attack is a hit.

Essentia Result
1 Add 10 feet to base walking speed.
2 When you move at least 20 feet towards a target and hit with an attack in the same turn, you may take a bonus action to force the target to succeed on a Strength saving throw or be knocked prone.
3 When you move at least 20 feet towards a target before taking the attack action, you gain advantage on your attack rolls until your next turn.

Lesser Soulmelds[edit]

Upon reaching 6th level, meldshapers learn to bind meldshapes to their lesser chakras.

Bloodwar Gauntlets (arms). Incarnum forms into black gauntlets that encase your hands and extend in heavy iron bands up your forearms to your elbows, where they end in vicious-looking spikes. They seem large for your hands and actually cover any gloves or gauntlets you might already be wearing, but they move in perfect unison with your fingers and hands. When it is very quiet, you can sometimes hear the sounds of battle coming from the night-black metal of the gauntlets.

The Lower Planes are consumed in an unending battle between demons and devils, though this so-called Blood War rarely has much impact on the Material Plane. When you shape this soulmeld, you channel some of the raw, savage ferocity of that eternal conflict, using it to increase your own power in combat.

Bind: You may add a bonus to all melee damage rolls equal to the number of essentia invested.

Essentia Result
1 Melee attacks made while wielding the Bloodwar Gauntlets are treated as magical.
2 You may use a full action to release the soulmeld’s violent energy in a tumultuous blast. Every creature (friend or foe) other than yourself within a 20ft radius must make a Dexterity saving throw. A creature takes 6d8 psychic damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. In addition, creatures which fail their saves are pushed 10 feet away from you. After using this ability, the soulmeld is disabled for one minute (ten rounds).
3 You may add an additional d6 fire damage to your melee attacks. Against evil outsiders, you may instead add 2d6 untyped damage.

Lifebond Vestments (shoulders). You shape incarnum into a fine, long-sleeved robe. It is a solid color—silver if you are good, gray if you are evil, red if you are lawful, or green if you are chaotic—but raw incarnum dances like elegant embroidery at the ends of the sleeves and the hem by your feet.

If the soul is the animating force of a living creature, then incarnum might be seen as the essence of life itself. Incarnates who shape lifebond vestments embrace that concept of incarnum and wield it as a healing power.

Bind: Healing spells grant you allow you to regain an additional d4 hit points per essentia invested.

Essentia Result
1 You and allies within 10 feet gain resistance to necrotic damage.
2 As an action you can touch an ally, healing them for an amount of damage up to your class level. You take half this amount as damage, rounded up, which cannot be reduced by any means.
3 When healing, you may choose to heal every ally within a 15 foot radius, on the condition that you take the full amount as damage.

Soulspark familiar (brow). A spark of light hovers over your shoulder. While featureless, it seems to emote using its own brilliance, ranging from an angry burn to a contented glow.

You shape a small mote of soul energy called a Soulspark, which accompanies you and can attack your foes at your direction. The Soulspark is an independent, conscious entity, but cannot move more than 60ft away from you. You can communicate with the Soulspark telepathically, if simply. A Soulspark can change colour and intensity at will.

Bind: As long as the Soulspark is within 5ft of you, you gain a bonus to Perception skill checks equal to the number of essentia invested.

Essentia Result
1 The Soulspark is able to detect any living creatures within 100 feet of itself.
2 As a bonus action, you may command the Soulspark to fire a blast of pure incarnum energy. This attack has a to hit modifier of your proficiency bonus + 2 for each point of essentia invested. If it hits, the target suffers d4 untyped damage per essentia level.
3 A Soulspark may siphon incarnum energy into its master, healing the Meldshaper by 3 hit points per round.

Greater Soulmelds[edit]

Upon reaching 9th level, meldshapers learn to bind meldshapes to their greater chakras.

Apparition Ribbon (throat). A diaphanous scarf wraps around your neck, its ends trailing off into wispy tendrils that seem to follow or mimic the movement of your arms.

You form incarnum into a bridge of energy between yourself and the incorporeal world of spirits and other ghostly creatures.

Bind: You gain a bonus to attack rolls equal to the number of essentia invested against creatures with the Incorporeal Movement feature.

Essentia Result
1 You can see 60 feet into the Ethereal Plane when you are on the Material Plane, and vice versa. All attacks you make count as magical for the purposes of bypassing ethereal creatures’ damage resistances.
2 When you take the move action you can move as an incorporeal creature. Thus, you can move through other creatures and objects as if they were difficult terrain, but take 1d10 force damage if you ends your turn inside an object.
3 You gain resistance to nonmagical slashing, piercing, bludgeoning, acid, fire, lightning and thunder damage. You become vulnerable to radiant damage.

Heart of fire (heart). A rough stone of blazing red hangs in the center of your chest. You feel warmth spreading from the stone into your body. That warmth can surge through your body like consuming fire, eager to sear your opponents’ flesh.

The remorhaz is one of the most fearsome predators of arctic regions. Unlike many creatures native to those realms, it is not immune to the cold; it endures the extremes of winter temperatures by generating huge amounts of heat.


Essentia Result
1 None.
2 None.
3 None.

Vitality belt (waist). Incarnum forms a stout metallic belt that girds your waist. The metal gleams silver-blue; links of azure chain bind the plates together. Life and health well up from this belt into your body.

The vitality belt translates the soul energy of incarnum directly into physical energy to empower your body.

Bind: Gain one hit point per class level for each essentia invested. If investment is reduced, the lost hit points are subtracted from your current hit points as well as your hit point total.

Essentia Result
1 You may add half your proficiency bonus (rounding up) to Strength and Constitution saving throws.
2 You may use a move action to gain resistance to a single damage type until your next turn.
3 You gain advantage on a Strength or Constitution saving throws. The save chosen is determined upon essentia investment, and can be changed upon reinvestment of essentia.


An incarnate dedicates themselves entirely to an alignment’s ideals, structuring their lives and goals around its tenets. Good incarnates adventure to fight evil, to protect innocents from harm, to hunt fugitives, or to right an injustice. Chaotic incarnates are drawn to oppose tyranny, champion freedom, and fight against the restrictions of law. Evil incarnates actively seek to spread destruction, seize whatever they can reach and keep, and slaughter those who are weaker than they. Lawful incarnates seek to expand their power within established frameworks, spreading the wisdom and order inherent to law. As an incarnate, you come to embody one cause or alignment, adding the distilled essence of good, evil, law, or chaos into your soulmelds.

When creating an incarnate character, choose one alignment element (good, evil, chaos or law). This is your incarnate alignment. Your incarnate alignment determines the effects of some soulmelds.

Incarnate Weapon. Incarnum forms into a one-handed melee weapon that embodies your alignment. The weapon seems large for your hand, but it is balanced perfectly for you to wield it. Clutching it in your hand, you feel it resonate with your deepest convictions and firmest beliefs, and it hums with power.

Your incarnate weapon takes the form of a martial melee weapon of your choice, sized normally for you despite its overlarge appearance. The shape of this weapon can be changed with a bonus action while you are wielding it. An incarnate is always considered proficient with their incarnate weapon. Initially forming an incarnate weapon requires 10 minutes of intense focus. Your incarnate weapon cannot be destroyed, but you can unshape it at will. Your incarnate weapon can be unmade and reformed in your hands as a bonus action. Any other creature attempting to wield your incarnate weapon gains none of its special benefits (but can wield it as a normal weapon of that kind).

Wield: Your incarnate weapon gains a bonus to attack rolls and damage equal to the number of essentia invested.

Essentia Result
1 All damage dealt with your incarnate weapon is considered magical.
2 As an action, you may make a single melee attack. If it hits, deal damage as normal. The target must then pass a Constitution saving throw or be stunned for one round.
3 Chaotic: You may roll 1d6 whenever you hit with a melee attack using your incarnate weapon. On a roll of 5 or 6, the hit is treated as a critical threat (if already a critical threat, treat as a critical hit). On a roll of 1, halve damage as if the target had resistance to all damage dealt.

Evil: When you strike a target with your incarnate weapon they are wracked with pain. Until your next turn all saving throws they attempt must be rolled with disadvantage.

Good:Half of the damage dealt with the incarnate weapon (rounding down) is granted to an ally within 30 feet as healing.

Lawful:You may reroll any attack rolls of 3 or below with your incarnate weapon, including critical failures. You must take the result of this second roll, even if it is lower than the original roll.

Discipline Meld Capacity Increase

At 7th and 13th level, Incarnates become able to invest 2 and 3 essentia respectively into their Incarnate Weapon.


Least Chakra: Fearsome Mask (crown). You shape incarnum into a ferocious-looking mask that covers your face. It resembles a powerful outsider of your alignment, either majestic in splendour or terrible in its evil. Somewhere deep in your mind is a quivering knot of fear, but you find that you can channel that fear and use it to intimidate others.

In shaping this soulmeld, you draw on the primordial power of fear, acknowledging the fear that lives in your own heart even as you direct it outward to inspire fear in those around you.

Bind: Gain a bonus to all Intimidation checks equal to the number of essentia invested.

Essentia Result
1 You gain proficiency in Intimidation skill checks.
2 As a standard action you can emanate an aura of terror in a 20 foot radius. The first time any enemy creature enters the aura or starts its turn there during a battle, the creature must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or become frightened of you for 1 minute or until it takes any damage. Attack rolls against the frightened creature have advantage.
3 Enemies within 30 feet of you have disadvantage on saving throws to resist fear-based effects and effects which impose the frightened condition.

Lesser Chakra: Mantle of Flame (shoulders). You shape incarnum into a cloak of wispy blue flame. The cloak covers your arms and almost closes in front of you, where a band of fire crosses over your heart to connect the cloak’s two edges. The fire does not harm you, though it keeps you as warm and dry as any heavy cloak in cold or rainy weather.

A thirst for vengeance burns like fire in many souls, and a mantle of flame gives that metaphor literal truth.

Bind: Non-reach melee attacks against you inflict 1d4 fire damage per essentia invested upon the attacker.

Essentia Result
1 You gain resistance to fire damage. After taking fire damage, you may add 1d4 fire damage to a single melee attack before the end of your next turn.
2 As a full action, you may cause flames to erupt from all creatures within a 30 foot radius which damaged another creature since your last turn. Each such creature takes 2d8 fire damage per essentia invested in this soulmeld.
3 The flames of this soulmeld transcend natural fire to embody the very concept of retribution. Fire resistance and immunity do not reduce or negate the damage caused by this soulmeld.

Greater Chakra: Planar Ward (throat). You shape incarnum into an amulet bound tight to your throat by a slender blue chain. The amulet itself resembles a large blue sapphire carved into the shape of a scarab beetle holding a solar disk between its front legs.

Incarnates through the ages have argued that the soulmeld is actually the earlier form of this warding magic. In fact, some have argued that planar ward was the first soulmeld ever shaped, long before the principles of incarnum were fully understood, as the ancestors of the humanoid races sought protection from forces greater than themselves.

Bind: You gain a bonus equal to the number of essentia invested on Wisdom saves and saves against outsiders’ abilities and spell-like abilities.

Essentia Result
1 You gain resistance against psychic damage.
2 You may spend an action to touch an extraplanar creature such as a celestial, fiend or fey, banishing them to their home plane. You must succeed on a melee touch attack, after which the creature must succeed on a Charisma saving throw or be forcefully returned to its home plane.
3 You are surrounded by a magical barrier with a radius of 20 feet, which hedges out extraplanar creatures. These creatures can’t willingly enter the barrier by nonmagical means. If the creature tries to use teleportation or interplanar travel to do so, it must first succeed on a Charisma saving throw. The creature has disadvantage on attack rolls against targets within the barrier. Targets within the barrier can’t be charmed, frightened, or possessed by the creature.

Soul Chakra: Incarnate Avatar (soul). You gather incarnum around you to form a second body encasing your own, a physical form superimposed over your body, clothing, and armor. In form, it resembles one of the most powerful champions of your alignment: a slaad, inevitable, angel, or yugoloth. Its movements—even its facial expressions—are in perfect synchronization with your own, so that in every way you appear to be the imposing avatar of your alignment’s ideals.

Chaos: Your incarnate avatar resembles a blue slaad. The slaad form is hulking and brutish, with enormous claws and a toothy maw. Bind: Your proficiency bonus increases by an amount equal to the number of essentia invested.

Essentia Result
1 You base walking speed increases by 30 feet.
2 Once per short rest, you can imbue a melee attack with a ‘shadow’ of the chaos phage disease. The target must pass a Constitution saving throw. On failure, the target has its hit point maximum reduced by 3d6 and can no longer regain hit points. This effect lasts 24 hours, unless negated by a Remove curse, Limited wish or Wish spell.
3 You regain 10 hit points at the start of any turn in which you have at least 1 hit point.

Evil: Your incarnate avatar has the form of a nycaloth: a four-armed, gargoyle-like humanoid with green skin and bat-like wings. Bind: Your proficiency bonus increases by an amount equal to the number of essentia invested.

Essentia Result
1 You gain resistance to acid and poison damage.
2 As a full round action you can attempt to summon a mezzoloth (Monster Manual pg 313) to support you in combat. Upon declaring this action, roll a D100. On a 50-95, a summoned mezzoloth appears within 60ft of you and acts as an ally. On a 95-100, a nycaloth (Monster Manual pg 314) is summoned and does as it pleases. A summoned yugoloth cannot itself summon. You may only have one summoned yugoloth active at a time, and must maintain at least 2 essentia in this soulmeld while you do so. If you have control of the yugoloth, you may dismiss it as a standard action.
3 You gain a flight speed of 50 feet.

Good: Your incarnate avatar takes the form of an astral deva, with pearl-white skin and white-feathered wings. Bind: Your proficiency bonus increases by an amount equal to the number of essentia invested.

Essentia Result
1 You gain resistance to radiant damage and immunity to the charmed, exhausted and frightened conditions.
2 As an action you can touch a creature, healing it for 4d8 hit points and freeing it from any curse, disease, poisoned, blinded, or deafened conditions.
3 All weapon attacks you make are magical and deal an extra 4d8 radiant damage.

Law: Your incarnate avatar resembles a marut, a powerful humanoid form with golden armor over an onyx body. Bind: Your proficiency bonus increases by an amount equal to the number of essentia invested.

Essentia Result
1 You gain immunity to the daze, paralyzed, petrified, and stunned conditions, as well as to any magical effect that would slow you.
2 As an action you can cast hold monster or locate creature, as spells of 6th level.
3 You gain resistance to all bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage.

Witchborn Binder[edit]

Few creatures pose as much threat to human society as spellcasters do. A single wizard can easily destroy an entire town, subvert a kingdom, or twist the very laws of nature with a few well-placed spells. Against this obvious threat stands the Witchborn Binders — incarnum-wielding mage-hunters who can use the power of soul energy to create shields, traps, and shackles that can smother the magical powers of the witchborn and render them helpless.

In most lands, witchborn binders are stern agents of good charged with hunting down those who employ magic for evil purposes. Though they are often grim and determined, these witchborn binders do not go out of their way to persecute spellcasters who use their magic for the benefit of others. In other nations, however, witchborn binders are solitary bounty hunters who hunt spellcasters for money with little thought as to whether their quarry might serve good or evil. A rare few witchborn binders act as agents of oppressive regimes whose leaders wish to prevent any use of magic outside the purview of the land’s tyrannical overlords.

Mage Shackles. From your wrists dangle short chains of pure incarnum, which taper off into nothingness. They seem to sway and shift of their own accord, drawn towards any sources of magical energy. When encountering a magic wielder the chains may be seen to lunge at their target, entrapping them and siphoning their power with a ravenous zeal.

As a melee attack you may attempt to bind a spellcaster's magical abilities. Should the attack succeed, you and the target must each roll 1d20, adding your Witchborn Binder and arcane caster levels respectively. Should your result be higher, the target is rendered unable to cast any spells without passing a Constitution saving throw. In addition, unless the shackles are broken the Binder and spellcaster must remain adjacent to one another.

Wield: You are able to detect any sources of magic within 20ft per point of essentia invested. This includes spells, magic items and lingering magical effects.

Essentia Result
1 You gain proficiency on all saving throws against spells and spell-like abilities.
2 As a reaction you may attempt to siphon energy from a spell cast at you or a target within 10 feet of you. If you succeed on a Wisdom check with a DC equal to 10 + spell level, the spell effect ends, or is prevented from taking effect.
3 The range of your shackles becomes 10 feet, and the range of your energy siphon becomes 20 feet.
Discipline Meld Capacity Increase

At 7th and 13th level, Soulcasters become able to invest 2 and 3 essentia respectively into their Mage Shackles.


Least Chakra: Crystal Helm (crown)You shape incarnum into a light helm that surrounds your head and anything you might be wearing on it, including another helm. The substance of this helm is transparent crystal with a faceted appearance. As it rests over your head, you can almost feel a barrier erected behind your eyes, barring the way to those who would intrude into your mind.

Crystal in its many forms is frequently associated with mental powers. With this soulmeld, you shape incarnum into a crystalline form to draw on its protective qualities.

Bind: Gain a bonus on Wisdom saving throws equal to the number of essentia invested.

Essentia Result
1 You gain advantage on all saving throws against spells and abilities which influence or read your mind.
2 As a bonus action you can shield yourself with crystallized Incarnum, adding +2 to your armor class. This effect lasts until the start of your next turn.
3 You become resistant to psychic damage. You become immune to any spell effect that would sense your emotions, read or influence your thoughts, such as spells producing the charmed condition. This can even foil wish spells and spells or effects of similar power used to affect your mind or to gain information about you. Activating this ability does not end any such abilities already in effect, but does suppress the transmission of any information to the caster via the spell.

Lesser Chakra: Armguards of Disruption (arms). Some spellcasters consider it within their power to pervert the cycle of light and death, binding magic into the bodies of the dead to create wretched mockeries of life. The blue-sheened silver bracers which form around your forearms spark with blue-white energy which purifies their tainted forms, returning them to true death.

The energy of incarnum and the soulless bodies of undead creatures are on opposite ends of a spectrum. When properly shaped, incarnum can become an anathema to undead creatures, crumbling corporeal forms and disrupting undead spirits.

Bind: Your melee attacks deal a additional damage to undead creatures equal to 2 times the number of incarnum invested in this soulmeld.

Essentia Result
1 Your melee attacks ignore damage resistances, but not immunities of undead creatures.
2 As an action you may funnel incarnum through the gauntlets, disrupting the magic which animates the undead. Make a melee attack roll. If it is successful, the target suffers 1d6 damage per point of essentia invested in this soulmeld and is stunned for 1d3 rounds. Should the target succeed on a Constitution saving throw the damage is halved and the target is not stunned. Mindless undead are treated as having disadvantage on this save.
3 Undead struck by your disrupting strike must begin to take death saving throws. Should they fail, their animating force is lost and they collapse into their component parts.

Greater Chakra: Spellward Shirt (heart). Incarnum forms into a cerulean tunic that covers your torso, fitting comfortably over any other clothing or Armor you wear. Except for its unusual colour, it seems like a relatively mundane garment—until you are subjected to any spell effect. When that happens, the color of the shirt comes alive, forming intricate patterns of swirls, bursts, and spirals as the shirt attempts to deflect the magical energy.

Bind: Nothing.

Essentia Result
1 You count as having proficiency for all saving throws against spells and spell-like abilities.
2 As a bonus action, you may become immune to the effects of a single spell of third level or lower. This spell must be one which targets you specifically (you could not become immune to fog cloud, for example). This can end the effects of a spell currently affecting you. This immunity lasts until the start of your next turn.
3 You gain advantage on all saving throws against the effects of spells and spell-like abilities.

Soul Chakra:


Totemists draw from the strength of the magical creatures which inhabit the world, channelling their attributes and abilities to overwhelm foes with animalistic power. You shape them as soulmelds or claim them as totems to acquire a share in their power. While not as innately bound to nature as druids, many totemists chafe within the bounds of civilisation. They prefer to brave the wilds where they can commune with the powers which they channel, more often than not revelling in the thrill of hunting the very creatures they bind.

Totem Chakra Bind The totem chakra bind is the central soulmeld for a totemist. This chakra is not associated with any location on the body, but rather represents your connection to the wild soul energy of nature, embodied in the magical beasts of the world. When you bind a soulmeld to your totem chakra, you take on characteristics of the creature represented by the meld—usually involving a limited physical transformation.

Your totem chakra bind allows you to make a special natural weapon attack as a bonus action. You are always considered proficient in your natural weapons. You gain a bonus to all attack rolls with natural weapons equal to the number of essentia invested. Totem soulmelds can be exchanged during a long rest along with other soulmelds, cannot be unbound (you must always have an active totem chakra bind).

Girallon Arms. Incarnum coalesces around your arms and upper torso, forming blue-white fur that seems to enhance your arm and chest muscles. It also extends from your fingers to form ghostly claws that, despite their insubstantial appearance, help you gain purchase while climbing or grappling.

Totemists hope to claim the savage ferocity of the girallon as their own by shaping this meld. Known for its great strength and fierce claws, the girallon is a totem of power and aggression.

Natural weapon: Claws (2 melee attacks. D4+ Strength slashing damage)

Essentia Result
1 You gain a +4 bonus to Athletics checks involving climbing and grappling.
2 While in a grapple, you may use your bonus action to pin the opponent. If you wish to keep them restrained, you must continue using your bonus action for this purpose.
3 You gain advantage on all Strength checks and Strength-based skill checks.

Manticore Belt. Incarnum forms a belt of spotted fur around your waist. A long, thick tail emerges from the back, writhing and lashing at your command. At its tip is a cluster of spikes. Like a manticore, you can propel those spikes at your foes.

Manticores are fierce hunters that possess a unique ranged attack. Even totemists who do not share the manticore’s evil bent shape this meld to gain a reliable way of attacking foes from a distance.

Natural weapon: Tail spikes (Ranged attack. 60/120ft, D6+dex piercing damage)

Essentia Result
1 None.
2 You may also launch a tail spike as a move and/or standard action. As such, you may launch up to three tail spikes per turn. These may have different targets, but all targets must be within 30 feet of each other
3 None.

Bloodtalons. Incarnum forms a pair of eagle talons around your hands. They are ghostly and insubstantial, almost like a violet mist surrounding your hands, but the three-toed shape is as clear as the sharp claws in their outline.

Blood hawks are fierce birds of prey noted for their bloodlust. They are similar to sharks in their frenzy while feeding—in fact, they fight beyond the threshold of death. Totemists who shape bloodtalons hope to emulate the ferocious tenacity, keen eyesight, and sheer savagery of these creatures.

Natural weapon: Talon (Melee attack. D6+dex slashing damage, finesse)

Essentia Result
1 Whenever you deal damage with your bloodtalons, the target bleeds for an additional 1d4 damage on the next turn.
2 When your hit points reach 0, you may choose to enter a frenzied state. Each turn you may choose to make a Constitution saving throw with a DC of 10 + the number of turns in which you have been frenzied as an action. If you succeed on the saving throw, you may take a move and bonus action in that turn. If you fail, you immediately fail your first death saving throws, and must make the others as normal.
3 None.
Discipline Meld Capacity Increase

At 7th and 13th level, Totemists become able to invest 2 and 3 essentia respectively into their Totem Chakra.


Least Chakra: Frost Helm (crown). Incarnum forms into a blue-white helm resembling the bizarre head of a frost worm. It floats above the top of your head, its strange lumpy shape rising to a tall nodule at the front and top.

Frost worms are terrible arctic predators known for the weird stunning trill they produce from the nodules atop their heads. Totemists in cold lands favour this soulmeld, claiming the frost worm’s power to protect themselves from the cold environment.

Bind: Gain a bonus to intimidation checks equal to the number of essentia invested.

Essentia Result
1 You gain resistance to cold damage.
2 As an action, you can produce a shriek that temporarily incapacitates those who hear it. This effect can target either a 10/20/30ft radius or a 15/30/45ft cone. Affected individuals must pass a Constitution saving throw or be stunned for a number of rounds equal to the number of essentia invested. This ability may be used once every 1d4 rounds.
3 You may add 3 to the save DC of the shriek. If you use this feature, the shriek cannot be used for 5 rounds.

Lesser Chakra: Displacer Mantle (shoulders). This cloak of blue-black fur wraps around your shoulders and hangs down your back to the waist. The fur bends and catches light strangely, actually creating a slight blurring effect around your entire body.

Displacer beasts are vicious predators, but to the totemist they symbolize stealth and deception. With this soulmeld, you hope to claim the displacer beast’s light-bending deception to conceal and protect yourself.

Bind: Gain a bonus to AC and Dexterity saving throws equal to the number of essentia invested. This bonus does not stack with cover.

Essentia Result
1 Gain a +3 bonus to all Stealth checks.
2 You may use a bonus action to produce an illusory copy of yourself within 5ft of your current location, which perfectly replicates your movements. However, the illusion may disorient opponents, granting your melee attacks advantage against a single creature within 10ft.
3 All melee and ranged attacks directed towards you by opponents without truesight have disadvantage.

Greater Chakra: Ankheg Breastplate (throat). A thick, chitinous breastplate forms around your torso. The green plates of the armor glisten like the thorax of a living insect. Soft tissue and living muscle bind the plates together, rather than the chain and leather of conventional armor.

Ankhegs are burrowing predators protected by thick plates of chitin. The totemist tradition reveres them as protectors, but it also seeks to claim the destructive power of their mandibles and their acidic spittle.

Bind: You gain a bonus to your armour class equal to the number of essentia invested.

Essentia Result
1 You gain resistance to acid damage.
2 As an action you may spit a gobbet of acid. This functions as a ranged attack with which you are proficient, with a range of 30ft. If the attack hits, the target takes 2D6 acid damage per essentia invested in this soulmeld.
3 You gain resistance to slashing and bludgeoning damage.

Soul Chakra: Totem Avatar (soul). You shape incarnum into an imposing avatar of bestial power. This corporeal shape fits over your clothing and armour. Your totem avatar resembles the legendary tarrasque, though on a much smaller scale. Its hulking form leans forward of your own, its back covered with a thick, spiny carapace. Two mighty horns sprout from its head, and its jaw opens wide to reveal dozens of knifelike teeth.

To some totemists, the greatest of the magical beasts are those that walk upright like humanoids but embody raw physical power—gray renders, owlbears, rampagers, blood apes, and the dreaded tarrasque. All of these creatures are totems of body strength, with the various abilities that come with physical might.

Bind: Your Strength bonus increases by a number equal to double the number of essentia invested.

1 You gain blindsight with a range of 60 feet.
2 You may use your reaction to automatically pass a failed saving throw. When you use this ability, the soulmeld is disabled until you take a short rest or long rest.
3 Any time you are targeted by a magic missile spell, a line spell, or a spell that requires a ranged attack roll, roll 1d6. On a 4 or 5, you are unaffected. On a 6, you are unaffected, and the effect is reflected back at the caster as though it originated from you, turning the caster into the target.


Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the melshaper class, you must meet these prerequisites:

Proficiencies. When you multiclass into the melshaper class, you gain the following proficiencies:

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