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Masks of the Hunter-Lords: What the Traditional Master of the Hunt looks like, accompanied by his Hounds. Image and Master of the Hunt profile can be found in D&D 3.5 Monster Manual 5.

Masks worn by multiple Masters of the Hunt. The mask is of comparable design to the traditional helmets worn by Masters of the Hunt, but each has its own design and magical properties unique to itself. If worn by anything other than the Master of the Hunt, the helmet is magically fitted to size. The Master of the Hunt wearing the mask usually can be found in a related location and has similar physical characteristics (i.e. the wearer of Ignis may have the appearance of flames or be found on the Elemental Plane of Fire.)

-All masks have the following traits unless otherwise noted;

All effects require the Mask to be worn (you cant get the water-breathing effect out of Aqua simply by having it in your backpack, after all!)

+2 to AC

+1d12+3 Hit Points (Masters of the Hunt and Hounds of the Hunt only)

Any spell-like abilities have a caster level equal to the wearer’s Hit die or class levels, whichever is higher

Unless the wearer’s caster level is lower than the caster level of anyone attempting to dispel any spell-like ability of a mask, the Spell-like abilities cannot be dispelled. if dispelled, the spell-like abilities return and can be used again after 1d10-2 rounds (Minimum 1).

Any mask ability that has the description of ‘once per day/week’, the mask must be worn for a consecutive time. for instance, the wearer of the Draco mask must wear it for a consecutive 24 hours before being able to change his breath weapon.

If worn by masters of the hunt, any hounds of the hunt accompanying them also gain the mask’s bonuses

If worn by a character with an animal companion/familiar/pet/thrall/summon, that animal companion/familiar/pet/thrall/summon also gains the mask’s bonuses


The visage of this mask resembles the swirling waves of the ocean. The pattern on the mask appears to flow as if it was actually made of water.

+5 circumstance bonus to attack rolls when using Tridents or nets underwater, +2 on land.

Wearer gains swim speed equal to their normal move speed, and can take 10 on all swim checks.

Wearer can breathe underwater. if wearer already can, they can also breathe on air.


This mask depicts a needle-toothed maw covering the entirety of the mask face, the inside mouth appears to be a void . As the wearer speaks, the maw is seen to mouth the words.

+3 circumstance bonus on intimidation checks.

+5 circumstance bonus to Diplomacy checks with Monstrous Humanoids, Aberrations, and Outsiders.

Can speak Monster-Based languages while worn (Orc, goblinoid, gnoll, etc.)

Can cast Summon Monster III 4 times per day as a Spell-like Ability, except that the creature remains until combat ends, or for 3 minutes per Hit Die or Class level, whichever is higher, if in a non-combat situation.


The material of this mask appears to be parchment from an old scroll or spellbook. As the wearer speaks, the spoken words appear as text in the reader's known languages on the mask’s face.

+4 Circumstance Bonus on all Knowledge checks.

Can skill-check any Knowledge skill untrained.

Can understand any written language, and viewers can read the wearer’s dialogue in their native tongue.


This mask appears as the face of the sun. The color fades away into black as time passes into dusk.

+5 damage resistance to all fire-based attacks.

Can cast Faerie Fire, Dancing Lights and Continual Flame at will as spell-like abilities.

Heals 1d3 points of damage while under direct sunlight.

  • Effects only function if the sun is visible.


This mask has the cratered, pale design of the moon. It even depicts the various phases of the moon in real time.

+5 Damage Resistance to Cold.

Can see in low-light vision.

Heals 1d3 points of damage while under direct moonlight.

  • Effect only function when the moon is visible.

The surface of this mask is a solid metal sheen. Anyone who gazes upon Speculo finds their face as the mask’s design, its emotions and expressions in sync with the wearer.

Can Cast Mirror Image at will as a spell-like ability.

+3 to AC.

+7 circumstance bonus to Disguise checks, and can skill-check untrained (if disguise can’t be used untrained).


The mask’s face appears as a constantly moving flame. The flames become redder as the wearer’s anger rises, and a more yellow shade as the wearer calms down.

Immune to Fire Damage

Can Teleport to the Elemental plane of fire and back to the wearer’s home plane at will

Can Cast Scorching Ray and Flaming Sphere at will OR Meteor Swarm Twice per day as a spell-like ability (Chooses upon donning the mask, cannot change until mask is removed and a following 1-week period)


The visage of this mask is nothing more than a simple face, meant to represent the beauty of the gods’ form.

Can cast divine spells as a cleric equal to their hit die or class level, whichever is higher

Once per day, the wear can select one cleric domain to cast spells from. The domain can be changed daily. The wearer still has to prepare spells like a cleric normally would. The wearer cannot pick the same domain two days in a row.


The ‘face’ of this mask, if it could be called that, is nothing but pitch black metal at first glance. A closer look reveals it to be something of a black hole or void.

The wearer is automatically affected by a Greater Invisibility spell upon donning the helmet, and removing it disables the spell. Death automatically disables the Greater Invisibility effect. The Greater Invisibility effect cannot be dispelled by any means, including by Invisibility Purge. The spell lasts an infinite amount of time, but only while worn does it activate. The wearer can disable and reenable the spell at will

All allies within 30 ft gain a +4 morale bonus to move silently and hide checks.

The wearer can use See Invisible at will as a spell like ability.


The face of this mask is a collection of scales from the various species of dragons, chromatic and metallic alike, and appear to be layered evenly. A single, empty spot where a scale would fit is blank, leaving an eyehole for the wearer.

Three times per day, the wearer may use any dragon’s breath weapon (not as a spell like ability, but as a natural ability or whatever the dragons use it as). The wearer may change the what dragon’s breath weapon to use once per day.

Wearer may speak Draconic.

Wearer grows scales upon donning the mask, gaining a +2 natural armor bonus, even when the mask isn’t worn. Scales vanish after 1 day of not wearing the mask, but remain permanently if continuously wearing Draco, or at minimum 1 hour per day.


This mask is one of few depicting a face, albeit one consisting of rotting flesh, and even feeling as if it was made of real skin. a cloud of flies continuously surrounds the mask

The wearer gains the undead subtype while wearing the mask, and returns to normal after removing the mask. All effects that work on undead also work on the wearer when the Inmortuae is worn.

Maledictæ Larva

This mask appears to be nothing more than the normal mask worn by the traditional Masters of the Hunt. Closer inspection and a Detect Evil Spell reveals pulsing purple veins on the mask’s surface, and the stag’s antler becomes a demonic horn.

For each accumulative day (24 hour period) the mask is worn, the wearer rolls on the warp touch effect table on The Book of Vile Darkness. Re Roll duplicates.

The wearer may inflict Warp Touch as a melee touch attack. Those inflicted roll for 1 result on the table only. Re Roll Duplicates.

  • All effects caused by Warp Touch are permanent. Only a Greater Wish, Greater Miracle or the Deck of Many Things’ Fates card can nullify or remove the effects of Warp Touch caused by Maledictæ Larva.

The pattern on this mask resembles a judiciary scale. It appears to move and sway as the wearer runs, and yet remains in a balanced position.

+1 Luck bonus on all action based skills (Knowledge skills do not apply, whereas craft, diplomacy, ride and all skills related to doing something would).

Once per Week, the wearer may summon a Deck of Many Things. It functions identically as a normal deck, except that only one individual may pull from the deck before it disappears, and that after disappearing and reappearing the deck resets. For example, Jack declares to pull 6 cards, but his forth is the Void, so he is unable to continue pulling from the deck. One week later, were jack to pull from the deck again (if he survived the Void, that is), the four cards he pulled, including the Void would still be in there, and could possibly be pulled again.

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