Martial Throw (5e Feat)

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Martial Throw

Prerequisites: 13 Dexterity
Use Dex to shove or throw enemies

A small but nimble fighter knows that brute strength isn't needed to displace your foes. Targeting their least stable points can force them to move with little effort, and throwing someone much larger can be a piece of cake if you use their strength against them. You gain the following advantages:

  • When shoving an enemy, instead of making a contested Athletics roll, your opponent must make a Athletics save that beats your Dexterity + Proficiency bonus roll.
  • When a creature attacks you with a melee attack while in range of your shove attack and misses, you may use your reaction to throw them over your current location (Treat this as if you were making a shove action), knocking them prone. When doing so, you use your dexterity instead of your strength. You can't throw creatures larger than you can normally throw.

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