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Martial Improvisation [General, Maneuver]

You can use anything you can carry as a light load as a weapon.
Benefit: You are adept at using anything you can lift with sufficient ease as a weapon. Any improvised weapon weighing up to a maximum of 20 lb. may be used with only a -2 penalty (40 lb. for a Large creature and 10 lb. for a Small creature). For example, a tankard may be considered a light weapon (1d4), a sizeable bottle may be considered a one-handed weapon (1d6) and something like a heavy chair can be considered a two-handed weapon (1d10). However, throwing an improvised weapon that is considered heavier than 'light' is still done at a -4 penalty to attack.
Special: A ruffian may choose Martial Improvisation as one of his Ruffian brawling maneuvers.

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