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Marasame: A Katana forged from the purest steel by the flame of a dragon, cooled by the water of an elder elemental and assembled by a master artificer. This sword bequeaths a +5 sacred bonus to its wielders strength. Marasame uniquely has the ability to use the powers of all 5 chromatic dragons, making it the only chromatic blade recorded to be forged. It deals +1d6 fire, cold, acid, lightning and poison damage on impact (1d10+5d6). The poison is a DC 20 fortitude save vs 2d4 constitution damage (secondary) and does not need to be applied to the blade.

Stats: +5 chromatic starmetal bastard sword(katana).

History: When the Kobold Ikiold Killgnomes forged the sword for the human Emperor, he wanted the blade to be his ultimate creation. With the help of the red dragon Darnassas, the elder water elemental Grigtel, and his trusty forge and library of scrolls, he pulled their efforts and the blade was born. Not long after it was given to the emperor, the sword was used to slay the balor Feroced and send it back to the abyss. Unfortunately Ikibold never got to see this, or hear of it as he passed on as he pounded the last impurity from the sword.

Marasame's location can be found with a DC 35 Martial Lore check. Regional maps of any sort add a +2 circumstance to the check and multiple searchers can pull their efforts for an additional +2, +5 if both manage to roll over 20 on the check.

;  CL <!-Caster level for spell-like effects, usually between 18 and 20-->;

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