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Greater Deity
Symbol: A draconic eye made of brass, oak, or obsidian with a circular black rock coming off one corner
Home Plane: Kikori
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Dragons, Dragonkind, Black holes, and the eventual destruction of all Kikori
Clergy Alignments: Must be CG, LN, or CN, cannot be Paladin/Blackguard
Domains: Destruction, Nature, Energy, Storms, Fire, Void
Favored Weapon: Kopesh
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More information...

Marakov has two forms, first being an intimidating man wearing a featureless black cloak, and the other a colossal, sinewy, wingless dragon, nearly four miles from snout to tail and covered in scales that seem to absorb all surrounding light. In both forms thick black thunder clouds hang above him blocking out any sunlight in a ten mile radius.


Despite being the god of destruction Marakov does not condone chaotic acts of destruction, preferring whatever destruction on the part of his followers being premeditated and part of a larger, more peaceful goal. Although he has many evil followers he will never grant spells or any form of power to those who wish simply to destroy for destruction's sake. Kokiri, his domain, also fall into this purview of being destroyed and eventually remade into a new race, starting with those currently living in the afterlife of his domain

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Many of Marakovs' followers are dragons of all types, though red and black tend to be the most prolific, with gold and silver also sometimes praying to him. His humanoid clergy range from belligerent and psychotic zealots who seek the end of all things, to somewhat more level-headed individuals keeping the former in check. His temples tend to be far from the main road, either built in the cracks of larger buildings or in remote parts of the wilderness. They are usually kept clean, even if they are very dark.

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