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Mantle of the Dragonslayer: This deep, jet-black armour, engraved with with gold trim, being held to gether by a thick blood-red leather, adorned with the bones and scales of creatures unknown, it is emanating an aura of unkown origin visible even without. Legends say it is an ancient armor that feeds off of elemental energy becoming stronger as it absorbs the elemental power that only the breath of a dragon could produce, and that as it absorbs the essence of dragons, the wearer slowly begins to behave as the dragons he slays.

Strong Abjuration, Visible;CL —; —; Weight: 15 lb.; Market Price: 46350 gp

This immaculate +4 masterwork full plate is crafted to appear bold, vicious, and feral, yet gallant and noble, at the same time. This Armour for all Purposes is treated as Light Armor.

When this Armor is donned it becomes bound to the wearer and cannot be removed, the Wearer also gains the Half-Dragon Template, with the exception that they are treated as all varieties of Dragon for immunities, and may chose any of the breath weapon effects per use.

This Armour is intelligent, (Int 24, Wis 28, Cha 36, Ego 64) and lawful evil. It can communicate telepathically with its wearer, though it cannot speak. It will always seek to dominate any wearer who isn’t lawful evil, forcing such an owner to commit lawful evil deeds. At any time the armor may make an attempt to influence the decisions and actions of the affected character and the character must make a DC10-30 will save (GM’s discretion) or be influenced by the armor.

Once daily the armour will attempt to take full control of the affected character; this is done through opposing will rolls (The armour should not be more than 1 point higher in base will saves then the character). (The Entity is still controlled by the player, but th player must play as if he were the Armour.

This armour grants the wearer resistance 10 against all five energy types: acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic. As an immediate action, the subject can cause the spell to absorb the power of a single energy-based attack. The subject gains immunity to any energy types used in that attack (but only for that attack), and also heals a number of points of damage equal to 1/2 the damage the effect would normally have caused. For instance, if a red dragon breathes fire on the subject for 87 points of damage, he could decide as an immediate action to absorb the effect, thus healing 43 points of damage instead of taking any damage. The Armor if damaged will convert points from the healing effect to repair itself before applying to the wearer.

When hit by a melee or ranged attack, you may spend a free action (mental) to deal 1d12 + 1/2 of damaged recieved points of damage to the attacker.

This armour grows with the wearer(Which means the armour itself can level up) The armor will upgrade itself when it has absorbed elemental damage equal to it's hitpoints. (This table has no max and i just couldn't right an infinite table so follow the table as it follows. Armor starts as +4 masterwork full plate.

Table: Armor Upgrades

Level1 AC bonus Hardness Hitpoints Dmg Reduction1 Penalty Reduction
0 +0 10 30 - +0
1 +1 15 35 - +1
2 +2 20 40 3 +2
3 +3 25 45 - +3
4 +4 30 50 4 +4
5 +5 35 55 - +5
etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

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