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A Seven Primes of Arkon campaign setting.

Author: Ixidor

Work Log
A listing of my progress on completing the setting.

The Map of the known Mantáeri world. This will expand as players move out.

Players' Handbook

Descriptions of the many ethnic and geographic varieties of humans, elves, dwarves, and other playable races in Mantáer.
The common tongues of Mantáer after the fall.
How the classes fit into Mantáer. The roles are all a bit different in the current time but nothing too significant.
Magic described in all of its normal forms as well as a few unique to this setting. Also spells that have been changed or removed completely.
Mantáer's unique relationship with the D&D pantheon.
Literature, Legends and Lore
These are the books, legends, epics, and lores in the Mantáer canon. Many works from before the Fall are ledgend now, and the scholars of Mantáer are struggling to piece together knowledge.

Mantáer Gezeteer

A record of Mantáer's history, as known in the present day. The DM's section has the full history.
The Geography, Climate, and Politics
The regions, countries and cities that make up Mantáer.
The Guilds and Orders that influence new life in Mantáer.
Calendar and Holidays
The calendars and holidays on Mantáer.
Cosmology and the Planes
Mantáer's unique cosmology.

Dungeon Master's Guide

What the setting is all about, and why I made it.
Items of Legend
Unique and powerful artifacts from Mantáeri history.
How certain standard creatures are different in my world, as well as creatures added and removed.
The cuisine and herbs of Mantáer.
Sample Places
Example towns, cities, castles, and lonely ruins that won't appear on a large-scale Geography section. Use these to fill in the blanks and give an organic feel to a campaign.
The People and Adventurers of Mantáer
Some standard NPCs as well as important people in Mantáer.
Variant Rules
These are rules for playing in Mantáer that override the Core Rules.

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