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Manalith: Mages are, and always have been, envied for their abilities. Never mind the wearying spells that cut years off your life, never mind the years of training required, people always seems to lust after the power that a few quicksilver-addled men possess. Stories rocket around cities and towns of philosopher's stones, magical baubles that can work amazing miracles on simple, somewhat valueless metals. Less known is the tale of the Manaliths, crystals of the purest mana that can allow the most boorish lump to enjoy the caress of magic's imbrace, even for a few, fleeting moments. A manalith has never been created, and are only rarely found in the purest, most untouched wilds. Millions have been offered in the pursuit of these objects, but only a few, paltry pieces have been returned. Rumors abound, of the elves using these crystals to power their mythals. Never has been this confirmed, but not for lack of trying.

Basics: A manalith is, in essence, magic in stone form. The extent of a manaliths power is dependant on its size, but they all serve as magical amplifiers. It allows non-mages to use magic, and it allows mages to use More magic.

A manalith, after a certain amount of use, crumbles into dust, the magic that kept the crystal latice in place used up.

These are even rarer, being from fist sized to head sized

Enhancement: +2-3lvls of Mage(DM's call). For mage characters, apply this when memorizing spells.
Uses: 40
DM Notes

The little things first appeared during the Ambriosia of the Gods series of quests, and we found these strange stone that the Lady (Lu-Don't say her name!) explained were magic ampliers. Over the course of the quest, we found these manaliths, in addition to the normal ones.

A Manalith that granted Cleric Levels
A fire based stone
A manalith that exchanged levels for spells.

CL ; ; Market Price: 200000gp

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