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Mana Blooded [General / Fighter][edit]

You were born to be a spell caster but are physically incapable of casting spells the traditional ways like trough hand movements or spoken words. Instead you cast through pure force of will, this however takes it's toll on your physical body. You can sacrifice hit points to cast spells. For each level of the spell you must spend 1 hp. However, if your damage taken from this trait exceeds half your current hit points you become fatigued. If this damage exceeds three quarters you are exhausted instead.
Benefit: Allows the casting of spells without being a spellcaster class, does not grant spell slots, or known spells.
Drawback: You must sacrifice hp points to cast spells, this leave you weakened and subject to the magics debilitating effects on your body.
Special: When gaining access to any class, if that class provides any spell slots this trait is negated.

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