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Maidens Ribbon: Maidens ribbon is a long thin strip of silk normally 8 to 10 feet long and cannot be obtained by normal means. The cloth is born from decorative ribbons worn by temple maidens or priestess who preform extensive divine and or selfless acts. Over time throughout countless ceremonies, actions and devoted duties the ribbon sits quietly, absorbing divine magics and pure intents. These ribbons find the hands of adventures as gifts of thanks, charms, or most often mementos to remember there original wearer. They have however been known to popup in back ally shops and black market dealer but these were never willfully granted.

When worn in any way the ribbon binds to its wearer treating them as if under a shield other spell with the ribbon as the caster, this spell remains in effect unless the ribbon is removed. As a ribbon takes damage it cannot be repaired by normal or known magical means short of a wish, limited wish, or miracle spell.

Maidens ribbon has 4 hit points per inch in length.

CL ; (see text); Cost (see text); Market Price: 20gp(per inch)

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