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A mineral attuned perfectly to arcane magic. Must be blended with mithril or adamite to be used as armor or weapons without losing its properties. It can be used as a conduit for magic or an impediment to magic. In its rarest purest form it can even absorb magic directly from a caster. Highly anti-magic societies have used pure magorian to this effect as often as they can.

Armor made from magorian has no arcane spell failure chance as it channels the magic through the metal but all properties of mithril or adamite are lost in this process. A weapon made of magorian forces any arcane caster struck to make a DC 20+the level of the spell cast concentration check or lose his next spell. Weapons of this type can also channel arcane touch spells. Armor of Magorian alloy blocks up to 10 spell levels a day. Pure magorian is the bane of mages. The magorian absorbs magic from a caster at the rate of one spell per round starting with the lowest. This affects any helpless (unable to cast any spells) casters within 20 ft of the rock. This ability can be suppressed if cold iron touches the rock. This drain is permanent but the spells can be restored to the afflicted by means of touching the rock and making a DC 15 will save. None but the original owner can take these spells. The power within the rock can be used to create magic items as the caster could have if the afflicted had all the craft item feats possible for his level. This ability can only be used if all the spells have been drained from the target. A DC 20 will save by a user allows him to utilize this ability. The rock loses XP and requires components as usual for item creation. Magorian can hold 100 spell levels per pound.

Magorian cannot be enchanted.

Pure Magorian has 10 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 5.

Mithril-Magorian has 20 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 10.

Adamite-Magorian has 30 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 20.

‎ SRD Weapons1
Weapon Cost Hardness hp
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  2. The SRD does not give hardness for this weapon. Any supplied value is the author's best approximation.
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Alloy Magorian costs 10,000 gp per pound and double the cost for a masterwork item of its type.

Pure Magorian costs 200,000 gp per pound.

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