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Weapon (Special), Special (Special)

Choose entries from the tables below, or roll at random, to create a magic weapon.

Design Note: The wiki is filling up with magic weapons of every conceivable combination of type and damage. If you can make the weapon using the tables below, it doesn't need its own page. Perhaps this will encourage editors to think of unique features for weapons other than "it deals an extra 1d6 fire damage".


Some of the results on the table below have a "level adustment" (LA) value. Add all these values together. The total LA tells you what the rarity of the weapon is, by referring to the Magic Item Rarity table (DMG p. 135). For example, if the final LA is 6, the item has rare rarity.

Table 1: Base Type[edit]

d100 Weapon d100 Weapon d100 Weapon
1 Club 25–27 Greataxe 55–57 Hand crossbow
2–3 Dagger 28–30 Greatsword 58–60 Heavy crossbow
4 Greatclub 31–32 Halberd 61–63 Longbow
5 Javelin 33–34 Lance 64–65 Fauchard
6–7 Light hammer 35–36 Longsword 66–67 Scythe
8–9 Mace 37–38 Maul 68 Elven Lightblade
10 Quarterstaff 39–40 Morningstar 69–70 Heavy Flail
11 Sickle 41 Pike 71 Elven Thinblade
12 Spear 42–43 Rapier 72–73 Heavy Pickaxe
13–14 Light crossbow 44–45 Scimitar 74 Long Cane
15 Dart 46–47 Shortsword 75 Chain Sickle
16–17 Shortbow 48 Trident 76 Mattock
18 Sling 49 War pick 77 War Mattock
19–20 Battleaxe 50–51 Warhammer 78 War Ribbon
21–22 Flail 52 Whip 79 Crossbow, Repeating
23–24 Glaive 53–54 Blowgun 80 Broadsword

Table 2: Magic Feature[edit]

Roll d20 and consult the Magic Features table. The weapon receives the resulting effect.

Keep a running total of the Level Adjustments (LA) indicated by the magic features. Keep rolling on the Magic Features table until the total LA is equal to or greater than the target LA for your desired rarity. Note that this means you will occasionally create a weapon that is "overpowered" compared to other items of the desired rarity, but note that a rarity's associated character level is only a rough indication not a strict cut-off. (see DMG p. 135).

Rarity Target LA
Common 1
Uncommon 2
Rare 4
Very rare 8
Legendary 16
Magic Features Table[edit]

Bonuses to attack and damage rolls do not stack; use the highest.

d20 Feature LA
1–4 +1 to attack rolls and damage rolls +2
5–7 +2 to attack rolls and damage rolls +6
8–9 +3 to attack rolls and damage rolls +12
10–12 Elemental varies
13–15 Bane varies
16–18 #Table 2c: Property-Specific Benefit varies
Table 2a: Elemental[edit]

Roll d6 on each "feature" column

d6 Feature LA Extra damage LA Feature LA
1–2 Extra cold damage on a hit +0 2 +3 None n/a
3–4 Extra fire damage on a hit +0 1d6 +6 None n/a
5 Extra acid damage on a hit +0 1d8 +8 2x elemental damage
5 charges, expend charge on hit to deal elemental damage
regain 1d4 + 1 expended charges daily at dawn
6 Extra lightning damage on a hit +0 1d10 +10
Table 2b: Bane[edit]

Roll d6 on the first column to determine the benefit, roll d6 on the second column to determine which creature type the benefit applies against.

After you roll d6 for creature type, roll an additional d6 to determine specific type. Design note: I have based LA of a creature type on its frequency in a typical campaign. Humanoids are far more common than dragons, so a sword that deals extra damage to humanoids is "worth" more than one that deals extra damage to dragons. If your campaign has different frequencies, then the LAs may need adjusting.

d6 Feature LA Creature Type LA
1 Extra 2d4 +2 1–2: Undead
3–4: Fiend
5–6: Both
2 Extra 2d6 +4 1–3: Dragon
4–6: Elemental
3 Extra 2d10 +8 Construct +0
4 +2 to attack and damage rolls +3 1–3: Aberration
4–6: Monstrosity
5 +3 to attack and damage rolls +6 1–3: Ooze
4–6: Giant
6 Score critical hit on 18–20 +4 1–2: Humanoid
3–4: Beast
5–6: Both

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