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Magic Motor: A magic motor can turn counterclockwise, turn clockwise, or stop, with verbal commands set when the motor is created. This applies force equivalent to a Strength check result of 15 in a rotary direction. If the motion is resisted and the result is larger than the motor's Break DC, it breaks. A magic motor is Small, but can made smaller or larger than usual. For each size category larger, its Strength result equivalence increases by 2; for each size category smaller, the result decreases by 1. Also, the weight of the item is doubled for each size increase above Small and halved for each decrease below small. A Magic Motor is usually wood, but can also be made of a different substance to increase its durability or change its weight. Making it of metals (except Mithral) doubles its weight.

Faint transmutation;CL 1st; Craft Construct or Craft Wondrous Item, Bull's Strength.; Weight: 40 lb.; Market Price: 50 gp

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