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Tuk Tuk the Unyielding's Magic Pressure Mine[edit]

Magic trap

How do I describe the look of it? 'It's, and I quote "A small frisbee-sized metallic disc that sits roughly 1 inch off the ground lying flat and has a radius of 4 1/2 inches. The metal is a mix of iron and liquid dragon scale (color is DM's choice) which gives it a drab earthen look with a light coloring of (Insert Dragon Color here). It has exactly 16 faintly glowing runes etched into it (written in Gnomish) that translate as follows "GLORY TO TUK TUK! I WILL NEVER YIELD ANY FORCE! GLORY TO TUK TUK THE UNYIELDING!"

What does it do? That's easy, there are 3 types and 3 rarities for a set-up of 9 easy mines that your adventuring friends can (and probably will hehehe) stumble upon

     1. Explosive your "Basic" or go-to Mine. Activates when a character (PC or NPC) steps/or sits (hehehe) within the 5ft square that the mine is in. 1d(Damage die based on Rarity) force dmg. 
       Target is thrown (Rarity)ft in a random direction -see d20 direction chart at bottom of page-
     2. Elemental/True Arcanic when you want to theme a dungeon or simply throw some lightning into the mix these are another perfect addition to your party invitations. 
          Activates when a character (ANY character) steps/enters the same 5ft square that the mine currently occupies. 1d(Damage die based on Rarity) (DM's choice)dmg.
          You might want to add your own flare to these like a fire based mine does damage to each adjacent square or a psychic mine causes a DC# fear/charm test.
     3. Summoning/Portal summons a monster or group of monsters of the *DM's choice in the chosen square(s), all party members immediately roll for Initiative and all "affected" are immediately 
            locked in said Monster(s) combat zones. Keep in mind that the type/or severity/or sheer quantity of monsters is inversely affected by rarity of the mine. 
            Ex; Activating an Uncommon Rarity mine wouldn't summon an Adult Red Dragon. Nor would am Epic Rarity mine summon a mere 2 (or even 3) d6 goblins. 

    *You could also copy what I prefer to do and create a random Monster d20 or d10 table with a dud on a Nat 20 and a double summoning (ignoring 20's) on a Nat 1
      1. "Common" (d4) (5ft) (DC 10) [20gp] This barely fits the criteria for one of Lord Tuk Tuk's Mighty Magic Mines, he has his underlings stick these together with Elmo's Glue and Duck Paste
        and it takes them roughly a year to make 5 each!''
      2. "Uncommon" (d6+1) (10ft+Knocked Prone) (DC 13) [50gp] His Majesty of Majestics Tuk Tuk's biggest seller, he churns out roughly 1000 of these a year with his off-time and some help from 
        his best most well trusted-ish Generals.''
      3. "Rare" (d8+2) (15ft+Knocked Prone) (DC 15) [125gp] His Beardedness Tuk Tuk is proud to churn these out at a relative easy pace of 314 a solar cycle. 
      4. "Ultra Rare" (d10+3) (20ft+Knocked Prone+Stunned) (DC 17) [500gp] Another grand achievement by the Great King of Sorcerer's own hand, a task that only a selected few of his underlings
        can even hope to accomplish creating one while he can craft up to 116 in a single sun dance around the globe.''
      5. "Legendary" (d12+4) (25ft+Knocked Prone+Stunned+Blinded) (DC 20) [2Pp] Are not all the great works of the Unyielding Force of Power that is Lord Super-Kame-Guru Tuk Tuk considered Legendary 
        by the mere mortals of all realms? Yet it has been seen that 83 of these masterpieces are crafted for sale each and every calendar  life! ;)''
      6. "Epic" (d20+5) (30ft+Knocked Prone+Incapacitated) (DC 22) [10Pp] A true work of art. All fear stepping on one of these MOAM (Mother Of All Mines) for it has shown to blow toes off of 
        Dragons and the feathers off a Solar. Luckily for his enemies His Grand Fubah Tuk Tuk only crafts these for his dearest friends and most loyal customers. Luckier still are they for even with
        all of his skill and adaptations The Great Beardmaster of The Realms and Scourer of Tombs can only craft 16 of these every 12 months.' 

D20 "Random Direction Table"

   1: Double the distance, and damage of the mine then the DM picks a direction
  2-3: Vertical
  4-5: Forward
  6-7: Front Diagonal Right
  8-9: Right
 10-11: Back Diagonal Right
 12-13: Back
 14-15: Back Diagonal Left
 16-17: Left
 18-19: Front Diagonal Left
   20: Dud (the mine turns off and can be picked up and thrown as a ranged explosive with the same stats)

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