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Money and Magic will help you thrive in SDUND.


By happen chance, or through deliberate zoologically dubious dealings, you have access to unique arts referred to as "Magic!" And yes, Magic is in fact real! Depending on the Version of SDUND you choose to utilize, how Magic works will be different. Please read through the options and make your selection carefully:

Spell Level Point Cost
1st 2
2nd 3
3rd 5
4th 6
5th 7
6th 9
7th 10
8th 11
9th 12
  • SDUND v1.0: The system runs the basic version of Magic Utility. The Player's Spellcasting table attached to their Class will determine a Player's Spell Slots. No changes is made to how Magic is utilized from the base rules.
  • SDUND v1.3a: Players do not have access to Magic themselves. Instead, they must accquire and utilize unique Arcane Focuses in order to utilize any possible Magic of their respective Schools. The Players do not gain any Spell Slots or Spell Points for usage from leveling up and/or boons. Instead, these Arcane Focuses are what holds the ability to cast Magic and must be Bound to the desired Caster by spending a Short Rest doing so, and the Focuses have a limited amount of Spell Slots that can be utilized. These focuses do recover all Spell Slots once their bonded Caster completes a Long Rest, or the Player gains access to unique items to restore Slots. The "Level" of the Focus depends on the Spell Level that can be cast. All Focuses will have Level 0 spells available at any time, but these Focuses will have different Level 0 Spells from each other even if they're identical. For example, Player A's Wand of Gamelon might have "Thaumaturgy" and "Light" while Player B's Wand of Gamelon might only have "Mage Hand."
  • SDUND v1.3b: Similar to v1.3a, except the Focuses utilize Spell Points instead of Spell Slots. You may use the table provided on page 288 of the Dungeon Master's Guide to determine how much Spell Points an Arcane Focus will have. Please use the table for the Point Costs to cast a Spell at a certain Level.

If a Player has natural Psionics (Their Race grants them the ability to use Magic) and you choose to use v1.3a or v1.3b for Magic Utility, that Player will maintain their Psionics without the need of the unique Arcane Focuses. Though depending on the version, you may need to tweak how they work.


In this game, the standard forms of currency is Boondollars. Booncents replace Copper Pieces and resemble colorful coins, while a Boondollar represents a trapezodal prisim (sometimes of varying sizes), with Booncases sometimes resembling actual briefcases, and so on.

Booncurrency can be received either through sidequests, or sometimes even through Leveling up, and may be necessary to acquiring more items or paying off your parking tickets (The Judicial System of Derse doesn't take kindly to illicit parking!) or even for acquiring Proficiencies, Spells, and other Skills (though they may not be anywhere close to cheap!) The table below represents what each currency point is equal to. It can be possible to convert Boondollars to normal currency, but the reverse is not possible.

Booncents 1 B¢ 1 cp
Boonbucks 1 B$ 1 sp
Booncases 1 BC 1 ep
Boonbank 1 BB 1 gp
Boonmints 1 BM 1 pp

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