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Maelstrom of Emotions
5th-level Evocation
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 30 ft
Components: V, S, M (50 gp of bullfairy nut powder, consumed by the spell)
Duration: 1 minute

At a point up to 30 ft away, a rainbow maelstrom with a radius of 20 feet appears. When casting, the caster specifies a direction. At the start of each subsequent turn you take, the whirlwind travels 20 feet in the specified direction until the spell's duration ends. All creatures that pass through the whirlwind on their turn, or that the whirlwind passes through on your turn, must make a wis save or be affected by a fit of extreme emotions for 1 minute. Roll a d4 to determine the emotion. Creatures already suffering from an emotion inflicted from the whirlwind do not receive a new emotion, unless the one they are currently suffering from is removed.

  • 1: Fear. The creature becomes frightened of all creatures it sees. It can retake the saving throw at the start of its turns to end this effect.
  • 2: Joy. The creature becomes charmed by all creatures it sees. It will not take aggressive actions, but it can retake the saving throw every time it is targeted by a hostile action.
  • 3: Anger. The creature is enraged, and at the start of its turns must attack a creature it is able to attack. It will prefer to attack a hostile creature, but if it cant attack any this round, it will attack a friendly creature. It can retake the saving throw every time it makes a successful attack.
  • 4: Sorrow. The creature becomes overcome with sadness, and falls prone. It remains prone until this effect ends. It can retake the saving throw at the start of its turns to end this effect.

The whirlwind persists until dismissed by as a bonus action, until it strikes a wall, or when 1 minute has passed. This spell does not affect creatures incapable of experiencing emotions.

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