Mackron's Curse of the Miniature Figurine (5e Curse)

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Mackron's Curse of the Miniature Figurine[edit]

A curse created by a wizard named Mackron who preferred to collect those who would try to break into his lair, the curse has since been copied by others who seek to defend their dungeon. This is a curse, not a disease, so it can affect targets that are immune to diseases, but can be removed with a remove curse using a spell slot of an appropriate level (sometimes the curse is cast stronger than others).

When affected, you must make a Wisdom saving throw with a DC equal to the caster's spell save DC. If you fail, the curse will begin to act fast. Every 1 minute, you must make another Wisdom save with the same DC or immediately decrease in one size category. Your equipment will decrease in size with you. Once you reach Tiny size, the next failure will cause you to turn into a plastic figurine, striking an aggressive pose, on a black plastic disc. Fortunately, this is not your death; the curse can still be reversed at this point and you will return to normal. But, destroying the figurine is still fatal.

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