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Mace of Light: The Mace of Light is a powerful weapon created by the artificers of Pelor. It is a +2 Illuminating mace of healing circle

The Mace of Light appears as a radiant heavy mace. The weapon sheds light like a torch in a 20 foot radius. In addition the mace deals +1d8 holy damage to all nongood creatures it strikes. Against any undead creature, the Mace of Light deals +2d6 bonus holy damage. Undead creatures that are particularly vulnerable to sunlight such as vampires and wraiths take +2d8 bonus holy damage instead. Any evil creature who wields the Mace incurs 1 negative level. The negative level remains as long as the evil creature has the Mace. Once the Mace is removed from it's possession, the negative level is lifted. In addition to the Mace of Light's already formidable powers, the Mace can cast maximized healing circle once per day when the proper command word is spoken. The maximized healing circle spell works as if cast by a 10th level cleric.

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