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Ludnir, ('Lightning', in the tongue of Giants)

Symbol: An Executioner's Axe with lightning streaming away from the head
Home Plane: Hursag
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Brothers in Arms, Duty, Lightning
Clergy Alignments: Any (except Chaotic Evil and Chaotic Neutral)
Domains: Storm, Strength, War
Favored Weapon: Executioner's Axe (or any axe)
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More information...

Ludnir is a god whose powers have varying origins. His close ties to the elements are evidenced through his strong connection to lightning. However, he also has a strong astral connection through his deific ties and those to his twin brother, Hudnir. Together, they share the bonds of brothers in arms and that is where the bulk of their power isderived. Ludnir and his brother, Hudnir embody the comeraderie shared by warriors who serve together and develop a trust and friendship that will have a warrior risk his life not only to win the battle and gain glory for himself but to save that of even comerades that he would as soon kill when not fighting alongside. The bonds of friendship develped while serving and training together for years. The true blood ties of Hudnir and Ludnir embody the symbolic familial ties of brothers in arms. As the entire family have spent their existence laying their lines on te line for each other as well as their causes, the twins treat all their siblings with the same brothers in arms attitude.


We, the warriors in your unit that you fight alongside, are your brothers now. We will die for you and expect you to do the same for us. We will die to fulfill our duty. We will live so that we may continue to fulfill our duty. We are as one.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

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