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== ==Lucky Pony


Shy Timid or compleatly adventuouse

Physical Description[edit]

they resemble a horse


=== Alignment ===Some form of good

Nuetral Good


Grass Lands


They asoate them self with luck wich reqires them to gamble 5 cp or more  each time they go into aa town 


Common Western


Lucky,Busted,Slots,Unlucky they base there names on the last trip to the cassino thus is always changeing

Racial Traits[edit]

  •  :Stregth +4 Constution -2 Natural Armor Class +2
  • base land speed isBase Land Speed 50 Runing is 60 feet:
  •  : Lucky Roll: Turns any natrual 1 into a natral 20 once evry 3 days

Vital Statistics[edit]

|+ Table: Random Starting Ages 14-18 Hight 12hh Weight 200kg If leg is busted there is no way to put in place wich means pulling the poor guy or gal to a claric to heal it , or amputate the limb ifthis isnt possible only humane thing is to put the charter down

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