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More information...

Lovecraftians are things of horror or strangeness. They are markers for great change and almost always appear when something grand is near. As a Lovecraftian gains in power it gains new qualities.

Creating a Lovecraftian[edit]

It is mostly an inherited template, however, it can be acquired through rituals.

Size and Type[edit]

Size possibly changes, and type becomes aberration.


Is that of base creature's but can possibly change.

Armor Class[edit]

Is that of base creature's but can possibly change.


Is that of base creature's but can possibly change.

Full Attack[edit]

Is that of base creature's but can possibly change.

Special Attacks[edit]

Is that of base creature's but can possibly change.

Special Qualities[edit]

The base creature every new level or HD gains another quality. Certain qualities can be stacked.

Thick Fur(Ex): The Lovecraftian grows thick fur which protects it from the elements. Cold Resistance 10, and no need to make a fortitude check do to cold weather. Scales (Ex): The Lovecraftian grows scales to protect it. Natural Armor bonus to AC +2 Shell (Ex): The Lovecraftian grows a shell like that of a turtle. Natural Armor bonus to AC +4 Complete Exoskeleton (Ex): The Lovecraftian grows a carapace which covers all body parts in a thick chitin. Natural Armor bonus +8 but due to all that weight and the exoskeleton the Lovecraftian loses 10 feet of speed. Growth (Ex): The Lovecraftian grows in weight and height. The Lovecratian increases by 1 size. Wings (Ex): The Lovecraftian grows wings and a flight speed of 40 feet with average mobility. Can be stacked. Every additional Wings gives another 5 feet. Every two Wings increases mobility. Fins (Ex): The Lovecraftian grows fins gaining 40 feet in swim speed, +6 to swim checks. This can be stacked Every additional Fins gives another 5 feet + 2 swim check. Legs (Ex): The Lovecraftian grows another set of legs or his original legs split. In either case the creature has a land speed of 40 feet. Every additional Legs increases speed by 5 feet. Every two Legs gains 5 feet to climb speed as well as land speed. Warped Mind (Ex): The Lovecraftian grows a mind that is when it chooses to becomes full of chaotic mental layers giving it a 50% chance to ignore any mental or psionic powers, spells or abilities. Psionic Mind (Ex): The Lovecraftian grows a mind that is growing into its mental powers. At level 5 a Lovecraftian can accept this ability. It gives access to all 1st level psionic powers 5 times a day. Every two additional Psionic Minds adds access to next level of psionic powers. Tentacles (Ex): The Lovecraftian grows 2 tentacles. These tentacles attack as magical, natural weapons and act as though they have the Improved Grab. This can be stacked. Every additional Tentacles gives an additional 2 tentacles. Size Tentacle Damage Reach with Tentacles Fine 1 0 ft. Diminutive 1 0 ft. Tiny 1d2 0 ft. Small 1d3 5 ft. Medium 1d4 5 ft. Large 1d6 10 ft. Huge 1d8 15 ft. Gargantuan 2d6 20 ft. Colossal 3d6 30 ft.

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