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Greater Deity
Symbol: A Wizard's Spellbook
Home Plane: Lord Boccob's Tower
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Arcane Magic
Clergy Alignments: Any (even chaotic)
Domains: Magic, Knowledge, Force (see Spell Compendium), Spell (again SC)
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
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More information...

Lord Boccob (not to be confused with Boccob from the Player's Handbook) controls the Arcane part of the Weave in the DarthCampaign campaign (not created yet). As such, all arcane spellcasters find it impossible to use their arcane magic unless they at least offer a passing nod to Lord Boccob once in a while.


Study, question everything, never accept anything at face value, never put much faith in "facts," and research is the only way things are learned, not blind faith in the gods or kings or whatever. Lord Boccob is probably also the only deity who does not banish followers who question him, instead, he encourages them to try and find justification for that reasoning.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Lord Boccob is far more heavily revered by Wizards and other arcanists than by clerics. That being said, the majority of his clerical followers are wizards or sorcerers (or less commonly, other arcanists) who dabbled in the clerical arts. Every single Favored Soul of Lord Boccob has the magic-infused blood necessary to become a sorcerer. Since he controls the arcane part of the weave (at least for mortals), most Wizards have a shrine to him in their towers; academies may have a whole room (or several) devoted to an actual temple, complete with cleric; and sorcerers and other arcanists may have his holy symbol tattooed on their arm.

If they get the tattoo, then they can optionally make it glow whenever they use magic (provides no actual illumination, just looks "cool"). This choice is made each time they cast a spell, the default is no.


Lord Boccob is one of the major deities of the DarthPantheon pantheon, and is one of only a handful that knows of the existence of the DM.

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