Loci of Disease Control (5e Equipment)

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Ring, rare

This ring, while worn, grants the following effects:

  • Should you be immune to disease due to a magical cause (i.e, a Paladin's Divine Health), you are no longer immune to disease.
  • Whenever you make a Constitution roll to avoid contracting a disease, or to progress through its stages, you can know what the roll is for, the name of the disease you are contracting, and you may choose to make the roll at advantage or disadvantage.
  • To know the full symptoms of a disease beyond its name, you will need to make an appropriate Wisdom (Medicine) check.
  • Any stat damage taken by disease is reduced by 3. You can only mitigate up to 3 points of stat damage per stat per disease. (i.e, taking 1 Strength damage 4 times will result in you losing 1 Strength)
  • Should you de-equip the ring, you will continue to be vulnerable to disease and you will make all Constitution checks to avoid contracting a disease at disadvantage for 7 days or until the ring is re-equipped.

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