Lizardfolk, Farscale Chaos Mother (4e Creature)

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Lizardfolk Chaos Mother Level 8 Brute
Large Natural Humanoid (reptile) XP 700
Initiative +7 Senses Perception +7
Destructive Wake aura 5; each enemy within the aura takes a -5 penalty to saving throws against ongoing damage..
HP 212; Bloodied 106
AC 20; Fortitude 22, Reflex 20, Will 18
Resist 5 variable (1/encounter)
Saving Throws +2
Speed 8 (swamp walk)
Action Points 1 Template:Basic MeleeIcon Greatclub (Standard; at-will) ♦ Weapon
Reach 2; +11 vs. AC; 2d6+5 damage, and the target is pushed 1 square. Template:MeleeIcon Tail Slap (Standard; at-will)
+9 vs. Reflex; 1d8+6 damage, and the target is knocked prone. Template:CloseIcon Destabilizing Breath (Standard; encounter) ♦ Varies
Close blast 5; +11 vs. AC; 3d8+5 cold, fire, lightning, or thunder damage, and the target takes ongoing 5 damage of that type and a -2 penalty to AC and Fortitude (save ends both).  Devastating Assault
Whenever a chaos warrior hits with a charge attack or hits a creature granting combat advantage to it, the attack also deals ongoing 5 damage (save ends).
Alignment Chaotic Evil Languages Draconic
Skills Athletics +15
Str 22 (+10) Dex 16 (+7) Wis 12 (+5)
Con 16 (+7) Int 5 (+1) Cha 6 (+2)

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