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Living Tree[edit]

"I hear leaves rustling... But there isn't a gust to be felt."

Physical Features[edit]

Often confused with actual trees an Ent can take many forms depending on where it originated, but if given enough time, its appearance will match with the environment it's in. A common occurrence is them being tall and having limbs that end with long fingers of firm twigs, vines, or sticks.


Living Trees, Treants, Nature Guardians, or Ents have a long history. The Ents have both seen and not seen it all. Ents were made a few thousand years before civilizations were created. Some can even talk about their experience with certain God's as they butted heads over power. But Ents also enter extremely deep sleeps, often lasting decades or more. Many are killed while sleeping, so Ents are often a rare sight to most folk.

This also can cause Ents to have a distrust towards civilizations, as they often either destroy the Ents' homes, or Ents themselves.


Ents are a quiet race, mainly due to their sleeping habits, but also due to their feelings towards others. Oftentimes a ent will live deep in a forest as far away from people as possible. However, they do have a soft spot for druids, and will often spend hours talking to them due to their loneliness. Very rarely would a ent leave the confines of the forest.

Ent Names[edit]

Ents typically don't have names, if so, it's usually from a druid that stumbled upon the Ent. If not from a druid, then from an event in the Ents past that explains the name given to the Tree.

Ent Traits[edit]

Being a entity of wood, you're rather strong and not as prone to give up and fall in combat as a normal person. Your Constitution score increases by 2. You also gain proficiency bonus in Nature and Animal Handling checks.

Age To this day, it's still unkown when a ent dies due to age. Seeing that the only way to see how truly old a Ent is, is to cut it in half and count its rings.

Alignment Ents are usually in the True to Chaotic neutral spectrum. Very rarely would a Ent be Evil unless consumed by its rage for humanity. Its uncommon for a Ent to be Good due to its feelings on humanity, but some have shown forgiveness.

Size Due to you being a tree, your size varies on your breed. However you're always considered a Large creature (unless affected by a spell that changes size). Your height ranges from 8-11 feet tall.

Speed Being a Ent allows you to have large strides, but it spends a lot of energy so you don't unless needed. Outside of combat, you usually move at a slower pace, but your movement speed is 40 feet.

A Tree In The Woods If in a nature like environment (DM's discretion), you have Truesight with a range of 20 feet on anything that touches the ground. You also gain advantage on Stealth or Performance checks if in an environment with fellow trees, but you must stay still to gain advantage.

Photosynthesis If you have a short or long rest while rooted in the ground, or spend 4 hours in the sun, you're considered fed. If you rooted near a water source, or spend a hour in a moist environment, you are no longer thirsty.

Semi-Asleep To prevent yourself from entering a deep sleep, you never truly fall asleep. Because of this, you may to roll Perception checks during Long rest, even if you're "asleep". This can be used to prevent ambushes or to notice certain events occuring around your area of rest. If not rooted during the rest, you gain disadvantage on the check.

Thick Bark Due to your bark, you have the ability to take and brush off attacks. You're always under the effects of Barkskin spell. You also get to add your Constitution modifier(minimum of 0) to Barkskin AC. Due to your weird body structure and hands, you can never benefit from armor or shield.

Combustible Material Due to you being made from wood, you have Vulnerability to all fire damage. However, you gain cold Resistance due to the many cold nights you've faced, and the lack of blood in your body.

Languages You can speak, read, and write Common, Primordial, and Druidic. The language of the Druids are known to ents mainly for two reasons; one being they watched the creation of such language, two being that many druids will at times use ents to deliver certain messages by writing it on their bark, as if carving an initial into a tree. The rules surrounding Druidic is the same for Ents.


Your subrace is determined by what type of tree your Ent is. Don't fret if your favorite bark covered plant isn't here. You're allowed to get creative by combining certian trees into breeds. This however doesn't mean you may select more than one subrace, it only means you have the stats of one tree but act/look like another. For example: I may create a tree with Birch Wood stats, but looks/acts like a Pine Wood, therefore being a crossbreed between Pine and Birch. Get creative!

Birch/Willow Wood[edit]

Small, elegant, and wise. The birch Ents are usually 2 feet taller than most humans, and have a lot of humanoid features. These Ents have more of a connection with humanity and can be considered calmer than other Ent brethren.

Ent Elegance Due to you spending time with others, you gain a +1 either to your Wisdom or Intelligence score as you learn more about the world. You also gain a cantrip from Wizard Spell List, which doesn't count towards your max spell count. You use your spell caster's class ability score to cast it. If you're not a spell caster, then the ability score you chose the +1 to its ability score is the stat you use to cast it.

Nature's Diplomat At level 3, you've built a bound between nature and humanity, allowing you to clear issues with those living in forests.You constantly have the Speak with Animals spell active, but only to animals with a CR rating lower than 1.

Oak/Red Wood[edit]

These trees are more serious and patriotic of their nature background. They're sturdy and big, with their arms being the size of barrels. They represent the wrath of nature, and most distrust humanity.

Nature's Wrath You gain a +1 to both your Strength and Constitution score, but receive a -2 to your Wisdom score.

Engine Fuel At level 3, you start building energy reserves to use to defend your allies. You gain the ability to attack again after you take an attack action. This only happens once during your turn and after doing so, you can't again till the combat is over.

Spruce/Pine Wood[edit]

These Ents are the joyful side of the forest. These Ents attempt to befriend anyone, whether it be human or not. But do beware, these Ents can turn dangerous at a moment's notice.

The Goods Of Nature Add a +1 to Charisma. Also, during Short Rest you release healing spores that your allies breathe in, healing them for 1d8 hit points, plus a number of d8s equal to your Charisma Modifier(minimum of 0). After you roll and combine the total, distribute the total among your party. Ex: if you have a modifier of +3, then 1d8 plus 3d8 of healing, distributed amongst the party as you see fit.

The Bads Of Nature At level 3, your compassion for your allies shows. If anyone within 5 feet of you gets attacked, whether it be from ranged or melee attacks, deal damage to the creature equal to your Charisma modifier, as a vine erupts out of a surface and smacks whoever dares harm your friends. You only may do this twice per turn.

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